Adding Social Network to the Website: Using Plugin – rtSocial

Hello Folks.

In previous post we learnt about adding like buttons to the sidebar using the widget. Today we will learn about using rtSocial plugin to make the sharing more efficient and easy.

Adding plugins related to social networking :

One of the disadvantages of using social sharing buttons is that it loads iframes and hence increases page-size which may slow-down your website. And what if we want to display these share sharing buttons for particular page or the post. In this case we will simply use plugin. One of the mostly used plugin is : rtSocial Plugin.

rtSocial Plugin Features:

  • Placements: You can choose the options to place the buttons as per your own desires.

  • Buttons Style: You can select the button style and alignment according to your choice.

  • Twitter and Facebook Button Settings: For twitter you can provide both mail twitter handle and related handle.

  • Facebook Button Setting: You can select Facebook button style in the way you would like to display it.

rtSocial plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and Theme Frameworks. As rtSocial use non-blocking JavaScript and do not load i-frames it makes it ultra-light. The easy options to use and efficient technique makes it a best choice among all.

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  1. Sorry, this desperately needs Google+. How could this be viable without G+?

    • Author

      Hi David,
      We are in to the same process. Soon we will be releasing next version of rtSocial plugin by adding Google+ in it.

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