Since its humble beginning in 2008, rtCamp has always welcome freshers and drop-outs when others demanded academic excellence and professional work experience. One way we could still manage to assemble an enviable team is by putting a lot of effort into the screening and evaluation process where we always focused on real-life work samples, preferably in the public domain.

If for some reason you do not have adequate work samples publicly available to meet our hiring criteria, we help yous still proceed through our hiring process by means of sample assignments.

As we have different requirements for different job positions, assignments differ for them. Please click the relevant link below based on the role you are looking for:


Is assignment compulsory?

If you do have something to show, please proceed directly to apply. If your submission, do not meet our expectation, our hiring team may request you to complete one of the assignment.

Who owns the work produced during the assignment?

You. 100%.

Are assignment problems given uniquely to me?

No. In fact, every assignment challenge is solved by hundreds of candidates over the years. So your solution is not required to be unique.
In most cases, we evaluate how do you approach the problem with more end results.
Attention to detail matters more than anything else!

Do I get paid to work on assignments?

Sorry no. Please do not confuse this with a paid trial.
The problems you are solving in the assignment do not have commercial value to us so we won’t be able to compensate them. We do understand, you might have other responsibilities and may not be able to find enough time to complete an assignment. But the good part is — we can wait. So take your time without any deadline pressure. We are always hiring so don’t think the clock is ticking!

Can I keep my assignment private?

Sure. While most people end up sharing the assignment finding on their public portfolio — as it often helps them beyond their job pursuit — you are more than welcome to keep your assignment private.
In fact, we have designed every assignment in a way, that you will be able to share your work privately.