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If you are not familiar with term blog-network, then as per Darren Rowse, one of top blogging guru,

Blog Networks are simply clusters of blogs that are in some way linked together under a common name or banner. Most of these networks have some commercial aspect to them while others are more about about promoting blogs and social networking.

About… rtBlogs blog network

There are many words which can be used to tell something about rtBlogs. But one word which we like to stress on most is “organic”. Organic, because of continuous and natural growth of what was started back in 2006 as an amateur blog.

rtBlogs is not by any mean first blog-network on this planet. But, what makes it more lucrative is the concept behind it.


Last updated: March 13, 2009

  • Number of blogs – 5
  • Number of bloggers – 2 Full time, 30+ active guest bloggers, more than 500+ registered bloggers
  • Unique Visitors – 250K monthly
  • Unique Pageviews – 500K monthly
  • Subscribers – 5000+

Why join rtBlogs?


  • You can focus on writing, something you are really good at. This is possible because everything else is taken care by us.
  • You can earn more as all your posts will carry your AdSense ads. More about more is later.
  • From day 1, you will be exposed to a much wider audience, a big subscriber base and a large community of always encouraging fellow bloggers.
  • Apart from fellow bloggers, you will get valuable inputs from professional editors team, which means lots of quality feedback in early stage of your blogging career. Yes, with us you can take blogging as a full-time career!
  • You will be linked more frequently from other blogs in the network.

What YOU will be doing…

  • Writing and only writing

Of course, if you want, you can involve yourself in other on-going activities at rtCamp.

What WE will be doing for you…

  1. Complete technical support which includes maintenance, updates, customizations including necessary themes & plugins development.
  2. Our in-house SEO experts, will take care of right and proper SEO.
  3. Our marketing team will promote your blog to right audience. They will also handle sales & placement of extra ads.

How much you can earn?

As described in The Concept section above, you can start by posting few articles on different blogs in this network. As your blogs will carry your own AdSense ads, all your earning will be directly credited to your account, transparently.

You can earn more because,

  • All your posts will contain only your AdSense ad-unit(s).
  • AdSense ads perform better with higher traffic and your posts will receive much higher traffic as part of network.
  • As your number of posts starts growing, you will likely get bonus and earnings from network.

In simple words, your earning potential is limited by only one factor – how much and how good can you blog?

Link: Revenue Sharing Program

Career Option:

You can choose to be a full-time blogger under designation of author/editor for one or more blogs at rtBlogs.

Rather than formal educational qualifications, what we are looking for is…

  • Excellent command on English. (Exception: You will be working on non-English blogs in channel)
  • Must have been blogging for atleast 3 months as part of our-blogging network or 6 months elsewhere on Internet.
  • Some references which can speak for your authority over one or more topics.

To apply for a position, click here.