At rtBlogs* we don’t just want experienced bloggers but also new bloggers. Over time we noticed that many posts submitted for review needs a lot of feedback. Ideally we hope that before clicking that “Submit for Review” button try to get your post adhere to some of the guidelines. The guidelines are not hard and fast rules but a general advice to make your posts come across as professional and relevant.


Title: Keep it interesting but also make it relevant. Avoid being too casual unless its warranted. Think about it from a reader’s point of view and then come up with the title. Ideally it should catch the reader’s attention. Sometimes a simple title is better than trying too hard for a fancy one.

Content: Any post has to have relevant information. But its a blog and not a project report. So taking that relevant information and giving your personal opinion on it will makes the content interesting. Avoid covering news. A news report doesn’t have specific value. But a persons opinion has weightage. That person is you.
For Example: If you find some news about a new search engine, rather than just write on it try using the search engine and write what you like or dislike about the new search engine.

Screenshots: This should be a very important feature for your post. The screenshot makes the reader very familiar with the content you are writing about. Especially when it comes to reviewing a website or a software product the screenshot is that of the author using the website or product helps a lot. Remember a screenshot is not just to make the post look fancy but to make it easy to understand for the reader.


Tags and Categories: Its very important to have relevant tags on the content. Its quite simple just keep typing in the keywords that are relevant to your post and click of Add (circled in red) When it comes to categories select whichever your post is relevant to. This makes it easier for your post to be looked up by using those keywords.

Credits and Links: At the end of your post especially if you have used an image or information from another source please give the relevant credits. This allows the reader of the post to go to the link where the original article was posted.  Its also very important to give out links and mention them at the end of the blog.

The preferred format is after the body of content is as follows:

Links: rtBlogsDevilsworkshop | rtCamp

About_authorAbout Author: Across our rtBlogs network there are many guest authors. Its also a great way to let others who read your post to know a little about you. We want to encourage authors and hence a great way to do that across our networks is to put up some personal info. This doesn’t show up in your post but allows the readers to contact you or even read your personal blog.  When your log into the network you will see the Dashboard on the left of the main page. Click on ‘Profile’ (circled in red) and update your details.

You can update your name, nickname by which you want to be known to the network and also your email id on which you want to be contacted on.

There is an option to mention your own website or blog where you write. This is a great way to reach out to people in or network.

Do also write a short info about your self in the Biographical Info. This is great way for readers to get to know a little bit more about you.

submit_buttonPreview Before Publish: Always before you click on ‘Submit for review’ so that your post can be published click on ‘Preview’. This will open a page and will allow you to see how the post will look after publishing. It can be quite handy. Even the most experienced blogger will Preview his post because some times minor tweaks that you can think about after a ‘Preview’ can really help with the final post.

This are some of the main guidelines. We plan to have a lot more information to help other bloggers write. If you have any ideas do send in a mail to the Editor-in-Chief of the network at