Version Constraints

As you start using Composer to manage your dependencies, you need to take care specifying correct version of packages. Most often you would specify a range because you don’t want to edit composer.json file every time a minor plugin update gets a release. Version Constraint The composer has many ways to specify version constraints and


We use and recommend omnibus method with latest Ubuntu LTS. Install Gitlab-CE Package #Install and configure the necessary dependencies sudo apt-get install curl openssh-server ca-certificates postfix #Add the GitLab package server curl -sS | sudo bash #install the package sudo apt-get install gitlab-ce #Configure and start GitLab sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure Configure All Gitalb related configurations are


We prefer Gitlab Multi Runner Link: Install #Install Docker curl -sSL | sh # For Debian/Ubuntu curl -L | sudo bash # apt-pinning cat > /etc/apt/preferences.d/pin-gitlab-runner.pref <<EOF Explanation: Prefer GitLab provided packages over the Debian native ones Package: gitlab-ci-multi-runner Pin: origin Pin-Priority: 1001 EOF # For Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt-get install gitlab-ci-multi-runner Register