It feels like EasyEngine has got wind beneath it’s wings! Few months ago it took me to WordCamp Mumbai and now all the way to USA.


I went to the US, to speak at the first nginx conference.  My topic was “WordPress-Nginx best practices with EasyEngine“.

I am glad to say those who attended got excited about EasyEngine. As nginx conf was more like enterprise event, only a select few people were interested in WordPress. But I was very happy to present EasyEngine at such a big event.

Biggest fan moment was to meet Igor Sysoev himself. Also, I was happy to meet Yichun Zhang (agentzh).

WordCamp SF

This is where unexpected happened!

I was planning to meet Nirav from StoreApps, Akshat from BlogVault, and Bryce from WooThemes. What I was not expecting was to meet so many rtMedia and EasyEngine users!

I was thrilled to know rtMedia and EasyEngine is used by so many people. Almost every hour, I was meeting somebody. Some users personally thanked me for our projects, tutorials and free support we provide in our community forum.

It was really encouraging to know that people know rtCamp in US. We have been in the business from many years but ventured into products since only a year. So I wasn’t sure if we had enough users to meet them in the US.

Biggest moment was to meet Matt Mullenweg. I also like to note down an incident about him. I asked him a question after his “State of the Word” keynote address during Q&A round.

Towards end of day, when we were crossing, he recognized me and offered to continue discussion for the same. I was surprised that he recalled question and me in his busy schedule. This is last thing I expected from a celebrity!


Here are some memorable tweets to give you quick rundown of trip!

The EasyEngine Slideshow at nginx.conf

Meeting Igor Sysoev at nginx.conf was a highlight!

Letting people know rtCamp is hiring at WordCamp San Francisco

Live music playing at WordCamp

Meeting Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress.

The moment, when I realized more people know rtCamp than back home in India.

Finally, I learned a lot about America and I have posted my personal observation here!

Links: EasyEngine Slides from nginx.conf