It is almost a year ago, we started to invest deeply in our Learning and Development Center. It has over the past 10 months helped over 20 new rtCampers who we hired from college campuses all over India to work on high-performance WordPress engineering projects and teams. We continue hiring engineering students from colleges in batches.

Our L&D Center allows us to have good bench strength and activate several developers for our clients. The best part is it brings a lot of young engineers to choose WordPress as a profession.

Apart from campus recruits, it also allows our experienced engineers to sharpen their existing skills and learn new things. 

We are hiring for several roles as always and if you want to learn more about hiring our engineering and project management talent, we would be happy to get on a call with you.


News from Around the Web

  • Akamai to acquire Linode which was popular cloud hosting platform for developers in a way similar to the likes of AWS and Digital Ocean.
  • Strattic acquired WordPress plugin WP2Static which is a WordPress plugin that allows creating static websites from WordPress. Strattic is a platform for hosting decoupled WordPress architecture. The plugin will continue to be open-source and maintained.

Water Cooler

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