This service is aimed at helping blogspot ( bloggers move their blogs to self-hosted WordPress. Our key features:

  • Free WordPress setup
  • Import of all posts, comments & pages
  • Maintenance and redirection of URLs
  • Retention of all feed subscribers
  • Free WordPress performance optimization

Do-It-Yourself Migration Guide

Useful Resources:

Learn how to migrate your blog into self hosted WordPress.


  • Take Complete Blogger backup before you start migrating.
  • After importing check if number of posts and comments are equal or not.
  • Fix permalinks, slug and htaccess rules.
  • Change Blogger template code generated by Blogger To WordPress plugin.
  • Disable Mobile template in Blogger.
  • Change feed URL after your WordPress blog is live.

Let Us Help

Maintain/Redirect Permalinks

Make sure all permalinks on your blogs remain intact.

Migrate Feed Subscribers

Keep subscribers, even if it is atom.xml or FeedBurnerServices

Import posts and comments

Import all the content to your own WordPress server.

Search Engine Friendly Migration

Based on one to one mapping old URL to new URL.

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