Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager, you will be responsible to deliver client projects with satisfactory results keeping internal and external Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and stakeholder’s interests in mind.

This job will require you to use your technical understanding of WordPress to bring value to some of the largest multinational corporations, government agencies, and public listed companies in the world.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Project initiation: Run information through a checklist to flag anything missing early on, conduct project initiation meetings, design work breakdown, timelines, demo schedules, meeting frequency, and most important KPIs.
  2. Project Execution: There are many processes common across all our projects but some are set by the client. You need to ensure that project execution remains smooth, accounting for differences, without compromising on KPIs.
  3. Proactively communicate with the client, their other vendors, and our internal team to resolve any blockers for the project. Help the team to get the required resources.

Must Haves

  1. WordPress technical understanding to deliver projects successfully. We do not expect you to run to a developer or technical analyst for simple client questions. You are expected to handle most user-level support yourself.
  2. Understanding of publishing, e-commerce, or enterprise CMS industries. Most of our clients belong to these industries and we expect our project manager to have some domain understanding to avoid over-dependence on other team members.
  3. Experience in managing remote teams. Our workforce and clients are remote and distributed across the globe. This is also a reason why project management at rtCamp demands some technical WordPress knowledge and business domain understanding.
  4. Asynchronous work style. Daily stands up are ok. Pinging the engineering team on Slack or asking them to jump on a Zoom call multiple times every day is not ok. 
  5. Scrum, Agile process understanding.
  6. Knowledge of project management tools (e.g. JIRA, Trello, GitHub, ActiveCollab)

Good to Have

  1. In-depth WordPress engineering experience with high-quality outcomes.
  2. WordPress VIP platform project management experience. 
  3. Some understanding of WordPress code.
  4. Experience with delivering presentations, addressing questions, and gathering feedback.
  5. Re-platforming, project discovery, and project execution experience.

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