As a remote & distributed company, all our deployments are cloud-based so you don’t need to manage any physical hardware as you solve interesting engineering challenges for large enterprises across the globe using WordPress.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing hosting infrastructure for very large WordPress sites
  • Debugging performance issues for WordPress sites
  • Comfortable with PHP programming as all sites hosted by us use our open-source project EasyEngine
  • Develop new features for the EasyEngine project
  • Automating day-to-day repetitive tasks for accuracy and efficiency

Must Haves

Proficiency with:

  • Linux systems (preferably Ubuntu or Debian-based OS)
  • Containerization (Docker)
  • Command-line Programming using Shell scripting and PHP
  • MySQL optimization
  • Git and Github based workflow

Good to Have

Some experience with:

  • Any cloud computing platforms e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  • Kubernetes
  • Ansible
  • Iptables, networking, and server security hardening
  • Monitoring tools such as New Relic, Logstash, Monit, etc.

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