As a technical writer, you will be a key contributor to content published on our sites including blog, landing pages, monthly roundup, newsletter, case studies, product releases, etc.
Since rtCamp is an engineering-focused agency, we would prefer you are technically well versed with the web.

Key Responsibilities

  • Working with our project delivery and sales teams to capture success stories and turn them into engaging press releases/blog posts and case studies.
  • Creating content that highlights rtCamp’s technical and business leadership capabilities through landing pages, articles, and whitepapers.
  • Shipping a monthly newsletter that captures rtCamp’s work along with news and insights from the WordPress ecosystem.
  • Analyzing the performance of different pieces of content and tweaking our strategy to improve conversion.
  • Ensuring the delicate balance between human experience and search engine optimization during content creation is maintained.

Must Haves

  • A love for the art of writing. Having a personal blog will give you a lot of credibility in our eyes. Links to your previous work also work.
  • Ability to consistently create short, medium, and long-form content without major grammatical or punctuation errors. We won’t judge you if you, like us, bow to our robot overlords and use tools like Grammarly.
  • Ready to learn new things. While writing content is a major part of your responsibilities, we expect rtCampers to learn new things and tools that help the marketing team be productive.
  • Ability to research a topic in-depth and come up with original content that addresses a particular client segment, industry vertical.

Good to Have

  • Familiarity with WordPress and its ecosystem
  • Familiarity with web publishing in general and different ways people/companies earn a livelihood on the web.
  • Some kind of copywriting skills that can help during landing pages

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