This opening is for web developers who have sound knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and other web development technologies.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Working on WordPress themes and plugin development project.
  • Work includes coding, handling support-requests, PHP unit testing and project documentation.
  • Attending and speaking at different WordCamps, PHP meetups and other tech community events (optional).

PHP Assignments

PHP Assignment needs to be completed to submit this form. You can select one of the assignments mentioned over here.

Link –


Eligibility Criteria

  • In-depth knowledge of core PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Ability to solve problems logically, not by trial and error.
  • Working knowledge of jQuery (or any other JavaScript framework) and a CSS framework.
  • It will be an added advantage if you have working knowledge of cURL library in PHP, web service APIs, parsed XML or RSS/ATOM feeds in PHP etc.

Note: Currently we are hiring candidate only to work from our Pune office.

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Application Form - PHP/Web

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