rtMedia PRO Bundle (31 Addons in One Bundle)

rtMedia PRO bundle contains 31 rtMedia addons. These addons if purchased individually costs more than $600.

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 Below is the list of addons that are available in this bundle:
  1. rtMedia myCRED
  2. rtMedia CubePoints
  3. rtMedia Playlists
  4. rtMedia Favorites
  5. rtMedia Upload Terms
  6. rtMedia Moderation
  7. rtMedia Custom Attributes
  8. rtMedia Docs and Other files
  9. rtMedia Default Albums
  10. rtMedia Podcast (RSS and Atom feeds)
  11. rtMedia Restrictions
  12. rtMedia bbPress Attachments
  13. rtMedia WordPress Sitewide Gallery
  14. rtMedia WordPress Comment Attachment
  15. rtMedia Social Sharing
  16. rtMedia Widgets
  17. rtMedia Ratings
  18. rtMedia Edit Mp3 Info (ID3 Tags)
  19. rtMedia Sorting
  20. rtMedia Bulk Edit
  21. rtMedia BuddyPress Profile Picture
  22. rtMedia Album Cover Art
  23. rtMedia Direct Downloads Link
  24. rtMedia Upload by URL
  25. rtMedia Likes
  26. rtMedia Activity URL Preview
  27. rtMedia View Count
  28. rtMedia shortcode generator
  29. rtMedia album Privacy
  30. rtMedia BuddyPress group media control
  31. rtMedia Custom thumbnail for audio/video

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Whenever user upload a photo on website, this add-on let watermarked or copyright text to those photos. Also all the previously uploaded images via rtMedia plugin can be copyrights.

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This addon adds automatic video conversion support for rtMedia plugin. When installed, your BuddyPress users will be able to upload videos in many more formats.

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