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rtMedia is the only complete media solution which integrates with BuddyPress, bbPress and WordPress seamlessly.

Integration with complete *Press family



Add “media” tab for BuddyPress profiles & groups. Media upload integration with activity Stream.



Attach media-files to WordPress Post comment-forms. Gallery management from WordPress Dashboard.



Attach media files to bbPress topics and reply.

Media Features

  • Options For Media

    User can set options like Featured image, Album cover etc

  • People Liked This media

    Now user can like the media as well as view total media likes.

  • Report Offensive Content

    Users can report media if they find it offensive.

  • Page Views

    Now user can see the total media views.

  • Star Rating

    Users can give up to five stars to rate media.

  • Download Original Media File

    Users can download photos, videos and music.

Purchase Addons

More than 40+ addons available to extend features of rtMedia.

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