Encoding Solutions Comparsion

As rtMedia provide multiple solutions for audio/video encoding, we often get questions about which one to choose.

So we have created following comparison table hoping that it will help you make right choice. Still, if you fail to get satisfactory answer after goging through this, feel free to contact us using rtMedia support forum.

Feature\OfferingrtMedia FFMPEG AddonrtMedia Kaltura Add-onAudio/Video Encoding Service
Video EncodingYesYesYes
Audio EncodingYesNoYes
HD Video EncodingComing soonYesComing Soon
Hosting Requirement for encoding solutionVPS/Dedicated server.Root access required for media-node installation.Shared hosting can be used with Kaltura.com accoount.VPS/Dedicated server required for Kaltura-CE on Kaltura-on-Prem installation.None.Installation is not required
Encoding turnaround timeDepends on server hardware specially number of CPUs, use of SSD, free RAM.In case of Kaltura.com network latency.For Kaltura-CE, server hardware will come into picture.Network latency is a factor.
Dependencymedia-node projectKaltura.com account, a Self Hosted Kaltura CE or Kaltura On-Prem TM Edition Nothing
Video HostingLocal server where media-node is installedKaltura.com hosts video but charges for bandwisthFor Kaltura-CE, local video storage will be requiredLocal-server
CDN SupportUses CDN configured with WordPressKaltura.com videos are served by Kaltura server only.CDN can be configured separately for Kaltura-CEUses CDN configured with WordPress
Analytics and reportingRelay on WordPress site’s analytic softwareKaltura has separate analytic and reporting interfaceRelay on WordPress site’s analytic software.
PricingUSD 99 (one-time)includes 1-year of free update. Single-site licenseUSD 149 (one-time)includes 1-year of free update. Single-site licenseSeparate recurring charges for Kaltura.com subscription based on storange and bandwidth requirement.FREE plan available.More plan details here
Pricing for installation supportUSD 99 (one-time) for media-node setup and configuring FFMPEG addon to use itKaltura.com account doesn’t require setupUSD 199 (one-time) for Kaltura-CE setup and configuring Kaltura addon to use itNot required.
RoadmapAdding HD-video encoding optionNothing in roadmap as of nowHD-video, webcam recording


  1. If you are on shared hosting, go for audio-video encoding service. You can start with a FREE plan.
  2. If you have a dedicated server and needs video encoded locally (privacy/speed concerns) then go for FFMPEG-Addon.
  3. If you like Kaltura and their solutions, you can go with Kaltura-Addon.

In any case, it is NOT recommended to use Kaltura-CE (for which you will need rtMedia Kaltura addon). If you want local setup, rtMedia FFMPEG-addon backed by media-node will provide better throughput.

6 thoughts on “Encoding Solutions Comparsion”

  1. So the $99 yearly fee for FFMPEG add on is ONLY for a single domain/site? Right?

    Is the rtMedia pro yearly fee also for use on a single domain/site?

    Please advise.


    1. @RK

      All licenses comes with 1-year free upgrade and support. After that renewal is not required unless you need updates (if any) or support.
      You can use your copy forever without any upgrade fees.

      Just to clarify further, rtMedia-PRO doesn’t have anything to do with encoding. Our audio/video encoding service can be used without rtMedia-PRO and for free within free plan’s usage limit.

  2. Thanks Rahul.

    Please also address the 2nd part of the questions about using the “Add Ons” and rt-Media-Pro on single vs multiple domains/sites?

    Can people use you add on software and rtmediapro on multiple domains?

    1. Sorry for oversight. Currently all licenses are for single-site usage.

      We will bring discounted multi-domain license in future. May be 4-6 months from now.

      Till then, you can use single-site license on multiple domains. Automatic upgrades will work for multiple domains for now.

  3. Thank you Rahul for clarifying.

    Unfortunately, licensing restrictions for multiple domains won’t work for us.

    Have a nice day.

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