Read Me: This documentation is for BuddyPress Media, the precursor to rtMedia 3.0. Click on the links on this page to read about the new shortcodes: Shortcodes: Galleries and Uploaders

[[bpmedia type="all" title="true" count="10" loadmore="true"]]

Used to display public media of all the users of the site. The simplest way to use it with default options is:




  • all(default) – displays all media types
  • music
  • video
  • photos

specifies the type of media to display. More than one type can be specified using comma separation. For eg, to show music and video

[[bpmedia type="music,video"]]

To only show photos,

[[bpmedia type="photos"]]

If not specified, will display all types.


  • true(default)
  • false

specifies whether the media title would be shown.


any number (default as saved in BuddyPress Media settings)

specifies how many media files would load on each load (using load more). Defaults to what is saved in the settings for BuddyPress Media. To show 30 photos, at a time, use:

[[bpmedia type="photos" count="30"]]


  • true(default)
  • false

specifies whether a loadmore button would be shown. To just show the most recent 100 photos without load more, use this:

[[bpmedia type="photos" count="100" loadmore="false"]]


  1. Wow, absolutely love this. I can now create a page and list everyone’s uploads for all to see. Really excited about this feature!

  2. Does this shortcode respect media privacy settings set when user added the media?

    • Staff

      The shortcode only displays the public media to visitors and to logged in users, it shows what’s available to them. Doesn’t go finer than that (friends only is not shown).

  3. Is it possible to show only albums using this shortcode? Instead of all photos showing, I would like one album image to show. Then album opens in lightbox with prev/next navigation. Any suggestions?

    • Staff

      Hi Jason,

      At this time, albums are not supported. But with the refactored rtMedia, we’ll be redoing album functionality. In subsequent updates, albums will be supported. Even then, the functionality would be the same as it is now on the profile. Clicking on an album will open a gallery of media in that album. Clicking on a particular media will trigger the lightbox. Of course, rtMedia will make it easier for anyone with some coding skills to override this default behaviour and achieve what you are looking for!

  4. Can the media be filtered in other ways? For example: I would like people to be able upload photos of their favorite beaches. Can I search and filter the photos to only show photos of a certain beach?

    • Staff

      @nanette, we’ve updated the plugin and some things have changed. With time, we’ll add more variables to the shortcode, so you can filter them better.

  5. I desperately need to list the most recent media additions to the site in a widget. Can this shortcode be used in a widget or can you point me in a direction so I can accomplish this feat this weekend. The client is pitching his business plan to a potential financier next Tuesday.

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