rtMedia Debug Info Please follow guidelines presented here to get fast and quality support from the rtMedia developer team.

Where to get support?

  1. We provide support only at – https://rtcamp.com/support/forum/rtmedia/. Support is free. We request users to use our forum because we have added some customizations which help differentiate between support requests, bugs & feature requests i.e. nature of request and also progress per request. Apart from that we have implemented better tracking on admin side to improve response time as well as quality of reply you get from us.
  2. We do NOT use wordpress.org support forum. No questions will be answered there.
  3. We do NOT use Github issues for support request. Though if you are a developer you can use Github to send pull requests and discuss developer-centric roadmap of project via Github issues.

Before you raise a support request:

  1. Test rtMedia with default WordPress/BuddyPress Theme
  2. Test rtMedia with all other plugins deactivated (except BuddyPress plugin)
  3. For front-end features, test them on rtMedia demo site. If you find anything broken on rtMedia demo, that will be fixed with highest priority.

If your issue gets solved, then it is most likely conflict with other plugin. To find out exact conflicting plugin, try activating plugins one-by-one and after each plugin check if rtMedia or anything else on your site breaks.

If you manage to find out exact conflicting plugin, just let us know about it in support forum. If it can be fixed on our end, we will definitely do it. Or at least we will give option to disable certain features of rtMedia for which conflict is happening.

How to raise a support request:

If above fails to solve your issue, then create a support requests at https://rtcamp.com/groups/buddypress-media/forum/ with debug info copied from rtMedia’s support tab in YOUR WordPress Dashboard. You can see sample debug info in below screenshot:

Apart from debug info, also include a line like:

I have tested rtMedia with other plugins deactivated and with default WordPress/buddyPress Theme.
But my issue is not getting fixed.

So a support request must have following things:

  1. Debug info
  2. Fault URL on your site
  3. Affirmation of testing rtMedia with other plugins disabled. Also testing with default theme. (please check a sample above)
  4. For end-user feature, affirmation of testing a feature on rtMedia demo site

If you support request is missing anything from above, it will be rejected as INVALID.

Paid Support?

Yes. Its available! Paid support of-course is given on higher priority. :-)

Though, in paid support also we cannot fix conflicts with other themes & plugins.

Few things we can provide in paid support are:

  • Taking backups of your site and running upgrade scripts with minimal or zero downtime
  • Finding out conflicting issues
  • Setup & configuration
  • Consultancy

For customization, design & development – you can always hire rtMedia team for your project.

Link: Go to the Support Forum  | Contact for Paid Support/Services