rtPanel Developer Program

To take the WordPress customization experience to a higher level and to standardize the coding practices, we made our rtPanel WordPress Theme Framework  open-source sometime back.

Today, we are launching our ‘Developers Program’ to further accelerate adaptation of rtPanel WordPress Theme Framework among fellow developers.

About “Developer Program”:

First, like rtPanel is free & open-source, this Developer Program is free & open for all. In fact, as a registered developer, you will get a chance to earn from your coding skills.

Some of advantages of this “Developer Program” are below:

  1. Your profile will be showcased in developer-directory we are building here. Once directory goes live, you can expect more paid-work coming your way. By the way, if you are ready to offer commercial-services as of now, we can get you some pure theme projects right away! 😉
  2. Before our directory go live, as early adaptors, you will get a chance to work with team rtCamp who developed this framework. This collaboration will definitely speed-up your WordPress theme programming.
  3. Child themes you will build on rtPanel will be tested by rtCamp’s Quality Assurance team. This will take quality of your work to the next-level.
  4. Your support requests will have higher priority. Highest, when you are working on projects provided by us. In this case, we will provide support over Skype/telephone as well.
  5. Free access to webinars and workshops.

There is more to this Developer Program. But we will reveal things at right-time! 😉

About Paid-Work:

The key difference in other framework community and here is availability of paid-work! Generally, other projects of our kind, just provides a directory-listing of all available developers who are interested in paid-work. But with rtPanel, apart from our free theme framework, you will get free support at other levels also.

Work-flow for most paid-projects will be as follow:

  1. We will contact registered developers, most likely via email, to check their availability for projects.
  2. Once we agree on timeline, delivery date, your fees and other aspect, we will start working together. You will get access to rtCamp’s project management system which uses activeCollab.
  3. In most cases, you will start with a finished web-design in PSD format, sliced-image set created from the same PSD, and an optional document consisting additional details.
  4. Once you are done with coding, a live demo server will be setup. We use SVN and/or GIT for source code management and mostly further changes to theme code, usually updates demo-server on commit automatically.
  5. Once demo is setup, our QA team will work hard to find any bugs, errors in codes. Most design issues will be reported to you using NotableApp. You shall fix them up.
  6. Once project is done, we will send your earnings. You will not need to wait for 30 or 60-days for payout. After-all, it your programmatically -earned money! 😉

If you are already freelancing, then you might be already familiar with similar work-flow.

As rtCamp works in highly professional culture, there are few more things you may like to know about:

  1. You will be never asked to work on other’s left-over code. Each project will start afresh. You are free to reuse codes of-course!
  2. In any projects we send your way, if scope of project changes during execution, you will get paid for extra work.

Who can join?

Those who love WordPress, its simple definition, isn’t it 🙂

We welcome all the WordPress freelancers, students, start-ups and any WordPress service providers, who are confident to meet out coding standards and can deliver the work in given deadline.

Any Preparation?

Nothing!! Just play with rtPanel. You can start with example child theme we provide. Make sure you don’t touch rtPanel parent theme!

Once you are set-on fire using rtPanel, we bet, it will save your 30% of coding efforts to develop future WordPress themes.

How to Join?

Just fill up this simple application form with the required details. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the opportunity.

If you have any questions, please use Support Forum. All your questions will be answered quickly by our support team.

Useful Links:

  1. Apply for Developer Program
  2. rtPanel Developer Documentation