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rtMedia-PRO adds many new features and premium 1-to-1 support integration on top of rtMedia-free (formerly known as BuddyPress-Media).

Also, for limited time, it is being offered at discounted price. So grab your copy before next price increase.

It is advised to test your site with the free version first, before going ahead with the purchase of the pro version.

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Enjoy the following features on top of rtMedia’s free edition.

WordPress Album Support

With WordPress Album Support you can create albums without being dependent on BuddyPress.

RSS Feed/Podcasting Support

RSS Feed Support that can be used for podcasting to listen audio and video to your podcast supported player(e.g. iTunes)

Attachment Support for Native WordPress Comments

Attach photos, videos, music, documents and other files to Native WordPress Comments.

bbPress Attachments

Attach photos, videos, music, documents and other files to bbPress topics and replies.

Document Support

You can add, view and download documents like txt, doc, pdf etc. Also add and upload other file types like zip, tar and tar.gz etc.

CubePoints & MyCRED Integration

By integrating CubePoints/myCRED with rtMedia, you can reward users with virtual points on rtMedia activities.

Album Privacy

This will allow you to set album privacy while creating albums or change album privacy while editing albums too.

Audio Playlist

With this feature, you can create your audio playlists and listen to your favorite music at will.

Report Button & Moderation Tools

Users can report media if they find it offensive. Admins can set number of reports to automatically take down media.

Download Button For Media/Files

Users can download photos, videos, music, docs and other files. Admins can allow/disallow downloads.

Sidebar Widgets

These will let you display a gallery or an uploader in a sidebar. Several of them can be used in a single sidebar.

Post-editor Shortcode Button

With this button, a UI appears to quickly generate shortcodes for special pages like ‘Editorial Picks’.

Star Ratings

Users can give up to five stars to rate media. This data can be used to show ‘Most Rated Media’ in sidebars.

Global Albums

Multiple global albums can be created beforehand. One of these can be chosen as the default album.

Premium One-to-one Support

Without leaving your WordPress dashboard, you can contact us for help using a support form.

Premium & Open-Source

Developers get full control over rtMedia-PRO’s source. They’ll get access to to dive into the code.

Roadmap ahead

Below are features we plan to add in weekly and monthly releases in the run-up to the final release of rtMedia-PRO. The list is not in order of planned roll-outs.

  • Searching, sorting, and tags for galleries
  • List View UI, with actions for thumbnails
  • Upload Limits – Part 2, for the number of files/media types to upload
  • Video Annotations
  • Creating albums from filesystem
  • Media Importers for Facebook, Picasa and more
  • Social Media Icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others

5.00 out of 5

1 review for rtMedia PRO

5 out of 5


As an industry professional having such flexibility in a plugin really makes the running of a website easier and this plugin offers exactly that.

After much research I have found no other plugin that is as feature solid as this one and the fact it runs smoothly on Buddypress makes it all the more sweet.

As with any plugins there is up’s and downs but with this there is very little downsides and if there is any i wouldn’t say it is a major issue as this really does it’s job well.

The only small downsides that I can think of is some ones related to the free version of the plugin.


There is no way of being able to change the field names effectively … For example … If a model wanted her own website and she would naturally wish to change the media field to be named portfolio instead sadly there is no real quick and easy way of doing this, This would be good for the free version for the simple fact that not all sites are the same and is something that would be expected for such a user friendly plugin. But all that aside this plugin even with this small issue is still one of the best I have seen yet and is really worth installing and eventually moving onto the pro version at a later date.

Review By Matt Kelly
Independent Creative Consultant & Multi-Media specialist .

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Please follow these simple steps to install rtMedia-PRO plugin.

  1. Once you complete the purchase, you’ll get download link for rtMedia-PRO.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload. Please select the file from your computer and click upload.
  3. Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ section.
  4. Now you should be able to see ‘Media’ tab on your BuddyPress site.
  5. Click on this tab to upload multimedia.

Useful Guides

Please check documentation section here.

  1. Is rtMedia-PRO a replacement for rtMedia open-source?
  2. I want some X feature only. Can I purchase it for less price?
  3. But won’t extra features degrade performance?
  4. Does rtMedia-PRO have external dependency?
  5. What is

Q. Is rtMedia-PRO a replacement for rtMedia open-source?

No. rtMedia-PRO is addon built on the top of rtMedia. So in order to use rtMedia-PRO, you must have rtMedia-free installed.

Q. I want some X feature only. Can I purchase it for less price?

Sorry. The short answer is No.

Long answer – just think, for all the features you need, isn’t rtMedia-PRO worth it? When we started, we decided to create separate addons for each feature. But we soon realized every product has some non-development cost e.g. support, writing this FAQ, marketing, packaging, upgrade, maintenance, etc. For this reason, for the smallest feature, we requested $49.

If you look at number of features rtMedia-PRO provides in a single bundle, you will notice that paying for many single features individually would have cost you more!

Q. But won’t extra features degrade performance?

Most likely, a feature won’t ask for resources unless you are using it. If you notice any performance impact, may be in your server logs, just contact us. If it’s anything wrong with rtMedia-PRO, we will rectify it immediately.

Q. Does rtMedia-PRO have external dependency?

No. If you are using rtMedia free version, your system is already capable of running rtMedia-PRO.

Q. What is is our project-management-system for our product line. It is powered using GitLab.

You can think of Github for premium projects, only with more features than GitHub!