Remote Setups

We love how different workspaces reflect the different philosophies and personalities of the people who use them and hope this post inspires you with setup ideas of your own.

My primary machine is a MacBook Pro 16″. I prefer to work with a good external monitor and have a HP E273 27″ as the extended part of my workstation.

Devik Vekariya


I use Dell 5577 Gaming Laptop – I7 7th Gen – Nvidia GTX 1050 4GB – Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as my primary device.

Devarshi Sathiya


I use Macbook Pro 15-inch as my primary machine. Dual monitors help a lot with improving my work efficiency

Sayed Taqui


I use a Canon M50 combined with a generic USB HDMI Capture Card for video capture, OBS to manage sharing my screen and my Microsoft Surface table with handwritten notes live.

Mervin Hernandez


I currently work on a 13” 2017 Retina MacBook Air. I have a second 11”  2014 MacBook Air as a server and spare. The server is plugged into a 4TB and a 5TB hard drive.

Paul Clark


My primary machine is a Macbook Pro 16″. I only use an Adjustable Multi-Angle Desktop Laptop Stand to elevate the screen a few inches so it doesn’t strain my neck.

Rahul Bansal


I use MacBook Air 2020 as my primary machine.

Muhammad Muhsin


I finally built myself a pretty capable all-AMD Windows rig earlier this year. I still have my trusty MacBook set up in case I ever need to work  from the “outside”.

Joel Abreo


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