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Who is this service for? 
Our website audit is tailored for Enterprises and Agencies who want to streamline & secure their WordPress-powered web presence. We work to identify and address security, scalability & performance issues that are stopping you from making the most out of your website. From server setup to WordPress code optimizations– we leave no stone unturned.

How is the audit conducted? 
We start each audit by understanding your business needs, technology stack, 3rd party integrations and current pain points. We then runautomated checks that comb through your codebase line-by-line to flag any code violations. Finally, a team of our experts manually reviews your website and investigate any architectural issues, inefficient algorithms, performance bottlenecks and insecure coding practices.

What are the outcomes of the audit? 
Our WordPress experts will address any issues brought to light by our detailed audit. Theme, third-party plugins and server setup will be analysed and brought to industry standards. We would also train and mentor your in-house development team, in order to equip them to maintain your site going forward.

How long does an audit take? 
The core part of a typical audit usually takes between 3-5 calendar weeks to complete, and another 1-2 weeks for cleanup activities. We also do code review and auditing services on an ongoing basis. In this case, we will work with your WordPress development team/vendor to review any new features added to your site.

Do you provide audits for VIP? 
Absolutely! The VIP platform has some of the most secure, scalable and blazingly fast infrastructure in the world. We, being one of the VIP Service Partners, can audit your website across all the VIP code guidelines to assist you to migrate. Never worry about security, performance or scaling again!

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