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Optimizing TCO and Fueling Growth for Our Partners With Staff Augmentation

With handpicked talent and rigorous training, rtCamp’s Staff Augmentation service helps enterprise partners scale their WordPress teams, reducing onboarding time and optimizing TCO.

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  • Multilingual Website

    Why You Need A Multilingual Website

    With advanced technology, the world has become a global village. Multilingual websites are becoming a sheer necessity and this article explains why!

    Multilingual Website
  • Process

    How to manage multiple blogs on your WordPress CMS

    WordPress Multi-site is a robust & reliable solution for managing multiple WordPress sites within single network. Some of its features, along with our suggestions are showcased in my current post.

  • WordPress Security

    How rtCamp ensures security of your website

    Your website is your brainchild, your precious. This article explains the stringent security measures rtCamp takes to ensure your website is safe and sound.

    WordPress Security
  • BPM-ffmpeg

    BuddyPress Media 2.1 released with Add-on Support

    Photo/Video Upload tested on mobile devices specially iPhone/iPad with iOS6. FFMPEG-addon automatically convert common audio/videos formats to mp4/mp3

  • icon for -we do not use flash.2

    Web without Flash! Accessible, Responsive & more..

    rtCamp had abandoned Flash in 2008 itself. Initially, our clients and friends all across the world were critical. Our coders worked round the clock to stretch limits of WordPress & create something better, faster and ligher.

    icon for -we do not use flash.2
  • Process

    How ‘301’ redirection works!

    Many clients are worried about retaining their old traffic and SEO while moving on to a new website. This article explains how rtCamp’s custom ‘redirection’ solution helps you maintain your website’s glory.

  • Process

    Think of SEO Before Developing Your Website!

    A great ranking of your website in search results is achieved by executing each aspect with finesse, right from the development. This article explains how rtCamp takes care of it.

  • Work-From-Scratch

    Why we recommend working from scratch!

    There is a reason why rtCamp does not work on others code! This article explains it. This is how we manage to give “free bug-fixing support for life-time!”