Our Solutions

Solutions that empower you.

We have been helping enterprises globally to make the most of web publishing, eCommerce, and marketing automation through our beautiful and robust solutions for more than a decade.

Digital Publishing

For newsrooms, media, and entertainment.

We transform your editorial process to publish content across multiple formats & platforms in an integrated environment, taking care of every link in the chain from AdOps to DevOps.



We worked with PMC to replatform their SheKnows & soaps sites with 79 million unique monthly visitors to the WordPress and VIP Go infrastructure.



rtCamp delivered a custom WordPress theme coupled with state-of-art server optimizations that helped Vanguard serve content to over 30,000 concurrent users on desktop, mobile and feature phone devices.


For retailers, marketplace, memberships, and subscriptions.

We deliver eCommerce solutions to maximize conversion rate by tapping into the customer journey data across platforms and seamlessly integrating it with your content strategy.

We work with brands such as Rotimatic, Nutrabay to deliver eCommerce solutions which scale not only with traffic but with changes in business logic.



rtCamp’s server optimization and ongoing support ensures that Nutrabay’s eCommerce store remains rock solid and quick even with 1200+ concurrent users.



We worked successfully with the remote Zimplistic team around a tight schedule to deliver a stable WooCommerce-powered solution with flexible content management tools.

Digital Marketing

For micro-campaigns and lead generation.

We deliver integrated and efficient content management & marketing solutions for branding, awareness, lead generation, and micro-campaigns.

We work with brands such as Facebook, HCL, and Isha Foundation to create awareness about their good work and capture leads when required.

Isha Foundation

Isha Foundation

rtCamp developed and implemented a custom responsive theme, completed a full data migration and integrated dynamic ads via Google DFP for Isha’s blog, all within a span of 3 weeks.



rtCamp used WooCommerce, BuddyPress, rtMedia, and WPML to build Ulzzang Style a high-performance community platform with an attached store.

Site Audit

For security, performance, and web standards.

We review your code & architecture with web and WordPress standards to keep your digital presence secure and high performant.

As a WordPress VIP agency partner, we review thousands of lines of code on a daily basis for some of the biggest sites in the world.

Team Training

For your developers, editorial, ad management teams.

We provide structural WordPress training to your in-house developers as well as the editorial team so that you can build your own WordPress expertise.

We provided training to the in-house developers’ team of large publishers such as NewsUk and IndianExpress. We do it on-site as well as off-site depending on your needs.