rtCamp is a web solutions provider company, prominently working on open-source projects. Our foundation lies in blogging, and we run one of India’s largest blog networks. At the helm is a leading tech blog called Devils Workshop.

With an intellectual team of more than 70 members, a well defined company process and utmost dedication has enabled us to aim big, move ahead and above all create a remarkable value for all stakeholders of our ecosystem.

The entrepreneurial spirit, zeal to do good, employee friendly work-culture and passion to deliver the best results are the key factors of our growth. With dedication to offer the best quality and a desire to serve the best clients, rtCamp is carving a niche in WordPress ecosystem.


A small vision of delivering the value proposition to customers has gradually evolved as a brand today. rtCamp’s key values of transparent business process and delivering rich customer experience is well reflected in our work in different domains.

Our Key Values

  • Transparent Business Process: Open process and no hidden policies.
  • Do Good Karma: Never compromise on company ethics and work for good.
  • Quality and Standards: We never take projects in hand unless we are confident on quality deliverables at par with set standards.
  • Customers are kings: We give the best treatment to our customers, with speedy communication, attention to details and effective solutions.

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