About Us

Good Work, Good People.

rtCamp began as a blog network in the mid 2000’s. We like to think that we were ahead of the curve, embracing open source values, a remote culture and a flat, agile company structure before it was cool. (Fun fact: “rt” stands for round table)

When rtCamp was officially incorporated in 2009, we set out to create a niche for ourselves with our relentless attention to detail, engineering prowess and of course, WordPress expertise.

Fast forward 11 years & over a thousand successful projects, and rtCamp is well established as a provider of enterprise-grade WordPress solutions for some of the largest brands, including Facebook, Al Jazeera and Penske Media Corporation.

As one of nine WordPress.com VIP Gold Agency partners, we have access to the heavy-duty WordPress hosting infrastructure that powers millions of page views every day.

Our remote team is over 60-strong, and we continue to attract some of the most passionate engineers, designers and business people from around the world. We are proud to be part of the global open source community, having contributed code to each of the past 17 WordPress releases, organising and speaking at tens of conferences & events and creating products like EasyEngine.

10+ years

Building WordPress solutions that empower as much as they delight.

60+ rtCampers

Passionate about working on the cutting edge of what’s possible with WordPress.

100+ clients

Including Fortune 500 companies, household names & innovate startups.


Outstanding Work, Outstanding To Work With

Rahul Bansal

Founder & CEO

Rahul founded rtCamp in 2009. He loves planning out server architecture and development processes. His passion for technology, Nginx in particular, almost rivals his passion for food!

Vivek Jain - rtCamp

Vivek Jain

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

Vivek co-founded rtCamp in 2009 and has worn many hats from managing projects to recruitment to sales. He is often seen scribbling play formations for Liverpool – his favorite soccer team.

Nitun Lanjewar

Chief Delivery Officer

Nitun heads rtCamp’s Delivery & Product teams. He is a true all-rounder, having managed everything from enterprise sales to product development to account management over the years.

Prasad Nevase

Director of Client Delivery

Prasad is a Certified ScrumMaster® & has headed some of rtCamp’s most exciting projects over the years.

Pradeep Sonawane

Director of Engineering

Pradeep lives and breathes technology and code. He is often seen humming along to the tunes of classic Hindi songs.

Rakshit Thakker

Director of Client Strategy

Rakshit excels in complementing technology with business requirements and is an avid reader in his spare time.

Mervin Hernandez

Director of Client Solutions, USA

Mervin brings first-hand technical experience and a strong business perspective to each of his projects. He is a long time member of the vibrant WordPress community in NYC.

Chandra Patel

Director of Engineering

Chandra channels his own love for learning things deeply though rtCamp’s internal training program. He loves reading, watching movies and urban exploration over weekends.

Joel Lobo

Director of Human Resources

Joel helps bring #GoodPeople to rtCamp. He ensures smooth operations across countries & timezones and specializes in getting things done. He loves trying new things and cycling in his free time.

Sandeep Kumar

Director of Client Solutions, APAC

Sandeep has served as Consultant and Client Strategy Manager for more than 6 years. He specializes in Web Content Management Systems, with a focus on customer success and digital presence.

Maitreyie Chavan

Project Manager

Maitreyie liaises with our long-term partners to translate the latest advancements in web technology to their business requirements. She is a trained Kathak dancer and speech & drama teacher.