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About VinSolutions

VinSolutions is a lead-generating business website to promote its automotive software solutions that integrate various systems and tools in order to deliver a single view of a customer across a dealership. This solution allows the dealer to maintain relationships and increase repeat sales.

VinSolutions’ vision is to adapt dealerships to evolving and evermore informed consumers.

Redesigning VinSolutions

VinSolutions came up with the idea to redesign the website’s visual presence to improve their users’ experience. Based on the visual designs provided by the VinSolutions team, rtCamp redesigned the website pages with extensive use of Gutenberg and Elementor page builder. 

rtCamp improved web vitals by optimizing the frontend development and reducing unnecessary server requests from the frontend pages.

Platform Migration

VinSolutions key objective was to operate their main business and CRM websites from a centralized system with top level user management and unified styling across properties. rtCamp identified WordPress VIP Multisite checked all the requirements. 

rtCamp created a multisite instance with the main business website ( and a child site for the Connect CRM site (

The existing website was built on the Kentico CMS platform, hence the main challenge was to migrate the content, including the taxonomy and meta-data.  

Unlike WordPress, Kentico does not separate taxonomy structures from content, where hierarchical classification is reflected in the folder structure within which page files are saved. 

rtCamp successfully migrated all the content ensuring that the replatforming preserves page permalinks or redirects legacy URLs in order to conserve the SEO page ranks of the domain, while utilizing the best SEO practices prevalent in the current web domain. 

Publishing Workflow

Kentico offers the capability to create content on a staging environment before publishing it onto the live site, enabling segregation of draft and revision versions of content from the live site.  This improves performance and reduces accidental publication of unapproved content. The VinSolutions team used this feature and wanted a similar workflow. 

This was a challenge on the VIP platform, as functionality exists for content to be pushed from top to bottom (i.e. from production to staging) but not the other way round. 

To fulfill this requirement, we leveraged the Rewrite & Republish functionality of the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin. It provides the ability to fork an existing page and make changes to this new draft.  Once the changes are ready for publication, they can be merged back into the original page. 

This solution satisfied the team, therefore eliminating the requirement to maintain a staging site for content creation. Furthermore, we enabled the team to preview draft WIP content using the Public Post Preview plugin, which allowed them to share preview links with their legal and marketing teams without requiring them to log in.

Website Speed & Performance

After migration and redesign of the platform, the website Core Web Vitals performance improved by 48%. rtCamp monitored the performance benchmark with the previous platform & compared it with the site after the migration.

Before Migration 

WordPress website performance improvement
Website speed improvement

After Migration

Performance improvement after Migration from Kentico to WordPress
Performance improvement after Migration from Kentico to WordPress

rtCamp has helped our organization in so many ways! Their incredible wealth of knowledge and experience around the WordPress platform has brought peace-of-mind to our teams and leadership. Not only have they built us sustainable enterprise-class WordPress sites, but they have also helped streamline our go-to-market process with the solutions they have helped us architect.

A successful migration from Kentico to WordPress VIP and a redesign of the platform with integrations and improvements to their publishing workflow has empowered VinSolutions to streamline their go-to-market processes.

If you would like to speak to us about similar projects, have a look at our PLATFORM MIGRATION SOLUTIONS.

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