Decoupled Architecture with WordPress

Deliver content at scale with decoupled web architecture. We offer a comprehensive suite of decoupled development solutions with WordPress.

Decoupled Architecture

Why Decoupled Architecture?

  • To serve content from a unified origin across different platforms like web, mobile applications, IoT, and smart devices.
  • Enabling portability of frontend with separate presentation and content layers, that are not tied to the CMS.
  • Data aggregation from discrete sources for presentation to users without routing through CMS.
  • Content delivery through static websites at scale. Dynamic content is converted into static pages for presentation.
  • Leverage existing organizational skills and infrastructure for JavaScript.
  • Upgradable future-proof infrastructure with the possibility of incorporating new technologies.
Logo of Waldo's Friends - rtCamp's Client

From day one, rtCamp impressed us with their extreme attention to detail and project management. They implemented our designs beautifully and launched the new domain – including a full migration from .com to .org within the forecasted timeline.

Sasha Gusain from Waldo's Friends
Sasha Gusain, Founder, Waldo’s Friends

How Decoupled Architecture can help?

Development Flexibility

  • Use of suitable frontend frameworks for optimal web experience and going beyond the limitations of CMS. 
  • Maintain separate codebases for frontend and backend, with their own development cycles and optimization.

Omnichannel Delivery

  • Medium-agnostic presentation of content, eliminating the need for duplicated editorial workflow.
  • A single backend can serve different publishing channels like web pages and mobile apps.

Third-Party Integrations

  • Web technology stack becomes flexible with limitless options for integration.
  • Unified experience with seamless exchange of data between different services and custom plugins.

Infrastructure Performance

  • Rendering on-demand information for presentation, without unnecessary data exchange.
  • Optimized with suitable frameworks to serve dynamic or static web content blazing fast.

Strengthened Security

  • Better defense against cyber threats with enterprise-grade WordPress security.
  • Minimized attack surface as data can only be accessed via APIs with tightly controlled access.

Unlimited Scaling

  • Decoupled architecture can scale quickly and fulfill changing requirements.
  • Cloud services and caching can be leveraged for serving content on a large scale.

Why get rtCamp involved?

  • With over 14 years of experience, we at rtCamp know WordPress architecture inside-out. 
  • Implementing stringent security with industry best practices.
  • Our development approach enables third-party integrations that best fit your requirements.
  • Engineering expertise for both dynamic and static web applications.
  • We analyze and recommend the best-fitting web technology stack for WordPress, based on your business goals.
rtCamp Globally Distributed Company

What do we bring to the table?

Web Stack

We provide comprehensive solutions for the entire web stack. We make sure that you have a high-performance and scalable web application – that serves you in the long run. We integrate diverse technologies that intersect your technological and business needs.

Decoupled Skills

We bring experience and expertise with WordPress and open-source frontend technologies, enabling timely project delivery. We have a fully distributed workforce of skilled engineers for both backend and frontend software development.

Decoupled Process

Our process includes the whole gamut of decoupled/headless architecture. We implement pixel-perfect design, optimize search engine performance, caching mechanisms, and integrate with different services using APIs.

Training & Documentation

We provide extensive training sessions for all relevant stakeholders. Our recorded training videos and documentation ensure ready-made reference, with every new feature documented.

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