Crafting high-performance websites with
Decoupled WordPress

Decoupled WordPress Solution for Waldo’s Friends

Creating a Decoupled E-Commerce Solution for Waldo’s Friends

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Decoupled WordPress development.

Building OpenWeb with Decoupled WordPress & Gatsby

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Our tried and tested
tech stack

Content Management Systems (CMS)

WordPress: Utilized as a headless CMS, offering a familiar backend interface for content creators while serving content through RESTful APIs.

Front-end Technologies

React.js: JavaScript library used for building user interfaces, particularly for single-page applications that require a responsive and dynamic user experience.

Next.js: React-based framework to enable server-side rendering and static site generation for improved performance and SEO benefits.

Gatsby: Free and open-source framework based on React to build fast, secure, and powerful websites and apps.

JavaScript Frameworks

Node.js: Server-side JavaScript runtime environment to handle backend operations, ensuring smooth data retrieval and transmission in decoupled setups.


JWT (JSON Web Tokens): Used for secure transmission of information between parties as a JSON object, crucial for authentication and information exchange in decoupled WordPress architectures.

Hosting and Containers

Easy Engine: Command-line tool for managing web servers, allowing efficient site creation, migration, and management in containerized hosting environments.

Docker: Containerization technology to package applications with their dependencies, ensuring consistency across multiple development, testing, and deployment environments.

Security Measures

SSH Keys: Used to secure encrypted communications between the server and clients for authentication and protecting sensitive data.

SSL Certificates: Used for secure data transfer over HTTPS, protecting data integrity, and providing client-server authentication

Performance Optimization

Advanced Caching Mechanisms: Used to enhance website performance, especially under high-traffic conditions.

CDN (Content Distribution Network): Distributes content globally and reduces latency, ensuring fast, uninterrupted access for users regardless of location.


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