Extend Your Team’s Capabilities With

rtCamp’s Dedicated Engineering Talent

Scale your team on-demand. Specialized expertise, minimize risk,
maximize productivity.

You Manage the Deliverables, We Manage the Talent

We have worked with businesses across geography, size, and industries.

Quality & Expertise

Our professionals bring hands-on project expertise to your team, ensuring efficient communication, collaboration, and prioritization to meet your timelines and sprint goals.

Seamless Integration from Day One

Our experts quickly delve into your projects, adapt to your culture, processes and contribute positively from day one. Saving time and operational expenses.

Not Just Tasks. Ownership

From engineering talent to consultative strategies, clients recognize the value we bring. We take ownership, guiding projects with a commitment that clients respect and rely upon.

Agile Scaling

Experience rapid, smooth scaling with us, and capitalize on opportunities without delays or overstaffing risks. Have an always available pipeline of talent at diverse levels of experience.

Timezone Alignment

Our globally distributed team ensures crucial overlaps with your time zone. This means the availability of our experts for daily stand-ups and critical project discussions.

Continuous Upskilling

Our unique Learning & Development program ensures continuous learning, mentorship, and leadership development. Enabling us to consistently deliver quality and meet evolving industry needs.

Trusted Partnership

Beyond mere skills, we invest in understanding your business, tailoring solutions and ensuring a frictionless journey that aligns with your brand.

rtCamp is exceptionally dependable and is always there when we need them. Their engineers get to know our processes and codebase and become true extensions of our team, and this leads to minimal onboarding time when we need to bring in help for surges of work.

Gabriel koen image
Gabriel Koen, Vice President, Technology, Penske Media Corp

Staff Augmentation Beyond Matchmaking

Coming with rigorous training and project execution experience, only the battle tested engineers make it to your team.

Premium & Transparent Service

Dedicated Partner Success Manager

Your dedicated point of contact with hotline access guarantees proactive support for requirements, onboarding, feedback, and billing.

Flexible Terms.
No Lock-ins.

Your success is our success. We don’t enforce any lock-ins. Giving you full flexibility to scale up or down at a short notice.

Automated & Transparent Billing

Every hour accounted for. Our time management system ensures you get a transparent billing report, adapted to your billing cycle.

Why Staff Augmentation?

Address your short-term technical support needs without the hassle of long-term staffing.

Access Specialized Skill Sets

Staff augmentation allows for seamless integration of expert WordPress engineers to your team. Achieve superior project outcomes with dedicated specialists who bring in fresh perspectives and cutting-edge solutions, ensuring a higher ROI on your projects.

Focus on Innovation

With the immediate pressures of finding expertise taken care of, your business can focus on innovation and strategic growth, entrusting the technical intricacies to seasoned professionals.

Global Reach, Local Presence

Whether you operate in one timezone or several, our global availability ensures you have the support you need, when you need it, catalyzing productivity and collaboration

Optimize Budgets, Adapt Easily

Market demands are unpredictable. Staff augmentation offers the flexibility to scale your team up or down based on current project requirements, ensuring you are agile and responsive to industry dynamics without bearing the overheads of permanent staffing.


Al Jazeera used rtCamp to provide surge staffing for some critical, time-sensitive internal projects. The high-quality engineers they provided us integrated quickly with our agile processes & have since proven to be among the most productive members of the team.

David Hostetter, CTO & Board Advisor, Al Jazeera Media Network


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