Drupal to WordPress Migration Success Story: FleetNet America

A combination of UI/UX refresh, migration to VIP hosting and integration of Gravity Forms with Salesforce.

About FleetNet America

FleetNet America Inc., is a leading provider of fleet repair and maintenance services for both private and commercial fleets. They also operate a Towing and Recovery program, for incident management and accident management. FleetNet America manages its extensive network of over 60,000 service providers through its Roadside and TMcare® programs. 

Requirement: Drupal to WordPress Migration

FleetNet America (FNA) was hosted on Acquia, using Drupal version 9. FNA approached us to move their site to WordPress, which was the primary platform in the existing multisite structure of Cox Automotive network of websites.

FNAs primary objective was to ensure a smooth transition to WordPress without disrupting the current website’s design, while protecting their SEO performance. Any UI/UX enhancements were planned for post-migration. Thus, we were required to do the lift & shift, and make sure that the site retained its current appearance post migration.

Additionally, FNS expected us to facilitate a smooth onboarding process and orientation for their teams. 

Data Analysis and Mapping

Unlike WordPress, Drupal uses an entity reference module to build relationships between the entities, whereas WordPress uses categories and tags for taxonomy. 

We began with a comprehensive understanding of FNA’s current website structure, content types, and taxonomies. This helped us conduct the data analysis to devise a comprehensive plan for mapping and organizing data.

Once the mapping was done, we deployed automation with scripts to migrate most of the content, including taxonomies and meta-data. Additionally, we undertook manual efforts for edge cases.

No-code content creation & editorial training

FNA aimed to harness the potential of Gutenberg based full site editor for efficient content creation and management. It was imperative that the new WordPress theme and setup fully supported Gutenberg blocks and features.

To achieve this objective, we leveraged the full site editor to simplify content creation and management. Gutenberg blocks streamlined content processes, made it easier for new users to learn quickly, and reduced the time they needed to learn. 

As additional support, we delivered tailored editorial orientation and training for FNA team, empowering them with a flexible and user-friendly content creation environment.

SEO Preservation + ~2X Performance

We imported the SEO meta from the existing to the new system with Yoast, and ensured that the URL structure is retained. In cases where it was not possible to maintain the old URL structure, we implemented redirection rules. 

An important contributing factor to improved SEO is performance. FNA achieved an improvement of Core Web Vitals by ~2X. rtCamp monitored the performance benchmark of the site before and after the migration.

Before the Migration

WordPress Performance optimization

After the Migration

WordPress speed optimization service for Fleetnet

Deployment on WordPress VIP Multisite

It demands careful planning and execution to migrate an additional site in an existing multisite. To import the microsite, we ensured all the data was imported correctly without losing any pages or media assets. 

The newly migrated website was to be housed within the existing WordPress Multisite environment on WordPress VIP for Cox Automotive’s global compliance, standardization and budget efficiency reasons.

Samantha Blum
Fleetnet America-LogoT

rtCamp’s remarkable Drupal to WordPress migration, completed in just a few weeks, was a game-changer for FleetNet America. Their expertise transformed our online presence, elevating user experience and functionality. This initiative had a noteworthy business impact, with a 2x increase in performance. WordPress, known for its versatility, proved to be an excellent choice for our Enterprise B2B needs.

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