Quality Assurance

Deploy Quality Assurance experts for bug-free deployment and faster deployment cycles that lead to growth, consistency, and predictable costs.

Trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world.

Why invest in Quality Assurance?

  • Fix broken workflows on your website.
  • Bug-free deployments and faster deployment cycles to accelerate growth.
  • Detect, isolate, and improve poorly performing code.
  • Remove undefined processes and inconsistent reporting to improve deployment time.
  • Automate and test thousands of pages.

This is my second website launch with rtCamp and I highly recommend them for laser focused delivery based on client requirements. From the very start, their project management was excellent and everything was done within a tight timeline and reasonable budget. I will be continuing to use their services for any future websites as well.

Sasha Gusain from Waldo's Friends
Sasha Gusain, Founder, Summer Works

How can QA services help?

Holistic Approach

  • Developers test code but usually only the immediate functionality brought in by code changes.
  • QA professionals apply a more holistic approach and will ensure every aspect, new or old is working to spec.

Seamless User Experience

  • Applications are tested on development and pre-prod environments to make sure any bugs are eliminated before launching on production. 
  • QA professionals will take into account detailed user stories to make sure the user experience is delightful and consistent.

Customer’s Perspective

  • For developers, it is difficult to see their own creation as an end user.
  • QA professionals will fulfill that role by seeing the website from a user’s perspective and flagging potential chinks in the user workflow.

Accelerated Release Cycle

  • In house testing often leads to errors being overlooked. Design inconsistencies seep into implementation and are not flagged until it’s too late – leading to rework and lost time. 
  • With QA Professionals, there is prompt detection and resolution of bugs and inconsistencies, accelerating your deployment cycle.

Why get rtCamp involved?

On our projects, Quality Assurance doesn’t stop at just testing for bugs. We define the role of a Quality Assurance expert as the custodian of your web application.

We bring an eye for detail, a sense of design, and a taste for user experience to communicate visual inconsistencies. 

Using a mix of industry best practices and custom frameworks developed in-house, we ensure that the software functions as expected.

We deeply explore the application as an end-user and proactively report inconsistent user interface and non intuitive user workflows – keeping your web application aligned to your business goals.


Partnering with rtCamp has been key to the success of several important projects for us. Their WordPress ecosystem insights, engineering expertise, user focus, and super high-quality output have been the perfect combination to complement our efforts in developing tooling for the WordPress ecosystem.

Alberto Medina, Developer Relations, Google

What do we bring to the table?

A Strategic Approach

  • We strive to use a consultative approach, by understanding your business goals and suggesting better solutions wherever possible.
  • We prepare detail oriented test plans specific to your project, put a strategy in place, and try to strike a balance between manual and automated testing to achieve highest testing productivity.

Professional Expertise

  • We bring Deep Platform experience with WordPress and Open Source software.
  • Our dedicated team of QA Engineers are equipped with the right tools and an understanding of how and where to use them
  • We get involved right from the design phase – identifying design inconsistencies even before the first line of code is written.

Truly Flexible & Scalable

  • With a globally distributed team which can be deployed across all time zones, we offer complete flexibility.
  • We understand that your resource needs can shoot up around major launches – we are able to supplement your team as and when required.

Exhaustive Documentation

  • Over the years, we have developed processes and checklists that are not only robust and well formulated, but open to new additions so they keep evolving and keeping step with an ever expanding codebase.
  • These user manuals ensure editors of the application have a reliable source for understanding workflows and use cases.

A Modern Testing Suite

  • We leverage automation to speed up release cycles while increasing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Our suite of automated E2E solutions include Test Cases for API Testing, Bug Reporting, Visual Automation, Accessibility & Performance Testing.

Human Oversight

  • Manual testing for mission-critical releases, assisted by an extensive checklisted process.
  • This includes dedicated processes for UI Testing, Responsive Testing, Smoke Testing, Regression Testing & Integration Testing.

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