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Third-party cookies are on their way out. Learn how it affects you and how we are building a tool with Google to help. 

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What is Privacy Sandbox?

The Privacy Sandbox initiative is an industry-wide effort led by Google to enhance online safety and user privacy by offering privacy-conscious alternatives to third-party cookies and cross-site or cross-app tracking.

Goals of Privacy Sandbox

  • Create new tools and techniques to protect user privacy
  • Enable publishers and developers to keep content free for everyone
  • Build new privacy standards in collaboration with businesses and third-party service providers
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How does Privacy Sandbox affect businesses? 

The shift towards a privacy-centric internet will need both first-party and third-party stakeholders to adapt. It’s an opportunity to learn how to change marketing, advertising, analytics, insights, and daily operations to make the Internet more private for everyone. Here’s how publishers, developers, advertisers, and other stakeholders will be impacted.

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First-party Business Owners

If you are a publishing/e-commerce website using multiple third-party service providers, chances are that your business is dependent on multiple third-party cookies for ads, analytics, tracking, or even for embeds to work. 

With Privacy Sandbox, you need to check the readiness of your service providers, implement the alternatives, and prepare your marketing and revenue teams to work with a privacy-first paradigm. 

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Third-party Service Providers

The inability to set third-party cookies changes the information you receive and how you receive it. It might be more difficult to track users across sites, measure attribution and understand behavior across platforms.

It might make sense to be a part of the origin trial, to test out your implementation well in time so that your clients can have a seamless experience when the changes come into effect. 

The Privacy Sandbox timeline

Chrome will start deprecating third-party cookies for 1% of its users globally. You can actively participate in Chrome-facilitated testing to test your sites with third-party cookies disabled.

third-party cookie deprecation timeline

Alternatives to third-party cookies

The deprecation of third-party cookies and some local storage partitioning may lead to discrepancies. With this non-exhaustive list of alternatives below, you can maintain business continuity. By avoiding third-party cookies, you protect user privacy and comply with data protection regulations.

Private State Token API for Privacy Sandbox

Visitor Identification

Topics API for Privacy Sandbox

User Interests

Reporting API

Conversion Measurement

Related Website Sets

Cross-domain Tracking

Shared Storage API for Privacy Sandbox

Cross-site Storage


Multi-site Tracking

Fenced Frames API 2FA

Embedded Data Tracking



How we can help – Privacy Audit Services

With our assistance, your team can adapt proactively to privacy-compliant regulations and implement privacy-friendly alternatives. Our insights can help you prepare for long-term success in a privacy-sensitive digital landscape.

Identifying impacted third-party cookies

In-depth discovery of how your website utilizes cookies and the consequences of third-party cookie deprecation.

Prescribing alternative solutions

Expert guidance on alternatives to third-party cookies and roadmap for implementation to achieve business goals with minimum trade-offs.

Collaborating with service providers

Consultation for refactoring your existing set-up and collaborating with your service providers to align with new changes. 

PS Analysis Tool

In partnership with Google, we are building the Privacy Sandbox Analysis Tool to transition the web to a privacy-focused future.

This tool empowers the site owners & developers with an audit of the cookies being utilized and the alternatives available. You can use the tool to analyze your site(s), detect and report breakages, and align your teams and service providers to adapt. 

Building this tool with Google helps us build in-depth understanding and insights, to work with the upcoming Privacy Sandbox changes.

If you have any specific questions, we welcome you to engage in the discussion forum. rtCampers & Googlers will guide you through.


As part of our Developer Relations mission at Google, we aim to develop tools to help the ecosystem be well-prepared for changes due to the evolution of the web platform. rtCamp has partnered with us on several key developer tooling efforts, and their deep technical knowledge and understanding of the web ecosystem, have made them an invaluable partner for us to achieve our goals quickly and effectively. Looking forward to continuing our efforts to bring quality and effective web developer tooling to the ecosystem.

Alberto Medina, Staff Developer Relations Engineer, Google

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