Forking the Git

We have gone through all the mandatory steps needed, if a complete project is handled by a single user. What if there are 20 different people making their contributions and want to merge them into an existing remote branch. All that’s needed to be done is cloning the repository, which makes all of the repository

First time Git setup

We have been getting multiple requests from users across the globe to take rtPanel development to the next stage. However it takes a lot of time for a new version to be released on as the WordPress trac is always overloaded with multiple themes in queue. To make the development more easier and contribution

Mandatory stages in Git

We have already seen how to setup Git in the previous post. So next, we move on to our current project directory in terminal and initiate the Git, which in simple word means that we are starting to track the current project files. After moving on the working project directory, the following needs to be