Last week, we welcomed 17 new hires as part of our first batch of the ongoing campus season.

This year we have coordinated our campus outreach with 149 educational institutes across India. If you represent an institute that we missed out on, please get in touch with our HR team at

More than 24,000 aspirants visited our campus site and so far we have found 22 Good People to do some Good Work. Below is a visual summary of the entire process at every stage.

Apart from 17 who have joined last week, three would be joining the Oct 2021 batch and two will be joining Jan 2022 batch. 

We usually onboarded two batches in July and January in the past but considering how COVID has affected universities exam schedules, we have created another batch this year on 1st Oct 2021. So if you are still considering for rtCamp, you have ample time in hand.

Irrespective of the application’s outcome, our self-paced WordPress training program is free and open for all.

Updates to Campus Hiring Process

Many students did not follow the complete guidelines while applying. This led to some delays. So we have made the following changes:

  1. We have created a dedicated page listing all important guidelines. 
  2. On the assignment submission form, we have added a confirmation of a checklist of the guidelines being followed.
  3. We are limiting feedback rounds to two; during code review. The second round of feedback will be given only if the first round do not have a lot of issues.

We hope with the above changes, the wait time will be less.

Important dates for Oct 2021 batch

We are thrilled that students are eager to apply for the July batch until the last day of June. While we appreciate your enthusiasm to contribute to rtCamp’s mission, it is practically hard to check the demo, do code reviews, set up technical interviews, and do required hiring formalities.

So to help you plan better, we advise you to plan as per the schedule below:

  1. Last day of assignment submission will be Sep 10, 2021. We anticipate 10-days time for demo testing, code review and one round of feedback/changes.
  2. Technical interview will be conducted every month. The last round for Oct batch will between Sep 20 and Sep 25. If you are unable to attend an interview during above mentioned dates then you should apply earlier unless you are ok to join in the Jan batch.

Also, if for some reason, you cannot make it to the Oct batch, you can join us in Jan 2022 or even Jul 2022.

We are always hiring!

rtCamp is always looking for Good People hence hiring never stops at rtCamp. If any of your friends are interested in applying for a WordPress Engineering position, feel free to tell them about us.

You can also stay updated about our campus and career-building activities via our monthly campus newsletter. Still, have questions? Email us at with your queries.

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