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About Isha Foundation

Isha Foundation is a non-profit, public service organization founded by Sadhguru, which addresses all aspects of human well being. With over two million volunteers around the globe, Isha works to create an inclusive culture that is the basis for global harmony and progress.

From powerful yoga programs for inner transformation to inspiring social projects, Isha’s activities have gained worldwide recognition, which reflects in the foundation's special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council.

Services delivered

  • Content & Disqus Comments Migration
  • Advertisement Integration
  • Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Multilingual Support
  • Ongoing Support

“The rtCamp team was professional & quick to respond to our queries. In our experience, they are one of the few companies in India who are exceptionally knowledgeable in WordPress development. They pay attention to details without asking them to do so and has been a delight to work with. They did a fantastic job in developing custom WordPress theme. It was also a learning experience for us at Isha & we thank rtCamp for their excellent support. We look forward to working with them on future projects!”

- Isha Foundation


Project Requirements

rtCamp developed WordPress theme for Isha blog along with migrating content from WordPress Multi-site to single site WordPress.

  1. Responsive WordPress theme development
  2. Migration of Isha Foundation Blog site from old site ( to new site (
  3. Migration of Disqus comments threads from over 2000+ articles
  4. Dynamic integration of DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) Ads with the blogs using conditional logic based on the post, the category and tags added


  1. Migration of old site with WordPress MU setup to new site having WordPress single site up
  2. Migrating the blog posts and the discussion comments thread to a new domain
  3. Setting up the DFP ads making sure that they are loaded through shortcodes and served conditionally to obtain dynamic results


  1. Theme deployment for new site with optimization for mobile and tablets using WordPress MU platform
  2. Migration of new site to WordPress MU
  3. Migration of microsites in Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu from old WordPress MU to new WordPress MU
  4. Manual migration of the blog posts from the old MU to the new MU setup
  5. Migration of the discussion comments threads using URL Mapper tool from Disqus
  6. Creation of shortcodes for Google DFP Ads
  7. Implementation of the conditional logic to fetch the Google Ads based on given category of the post and the tags


Following a set process flow, rtCamp developed and implemented the custom responsive theme ensuring following points in the span of 3 weeks

  1. A new theme for WordPress platform
  2. Blog posts and the discussion comment threads migrated from to new website.
  3. Integrated DFP Ads with conditional logic

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