Rotimatic Case Study

About Rotimatic

Zimplistic® Inc, is a product design company based out of Singapore that has invented the world’s first automatic flat bread maker – Rotimatic.

Rotimatic is the first appliance in the world that makes rotis, chapatis and tortillas from flour and water at the push of a button. This appliance has been covered by BBC, Gizmodo, CNET, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, The Times of India, Tech inEngadget and more.

Zimplistic is one of the 15 Singapore startups that has received grants totalling $6 million from SPRING Singapore.

Services delivered

  • WooCommerce Customization
  • Stripe Integration
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Server Architecture & Maintenance
  • Ongoing Support

rishi-israni“rtCamp were excellent across the board- with their timelines, professionalism and their work quality”

Rishi Israni, Co-Founder & CEO of Rotimatic

The Project

Given the uniqueness of Rotimatic, we were thrilled when we received an enquiry to work with Zimplistic.

Rotimatic’s product design, manufacturing dates and marketing plans were set. Now all they needed was a website to establish their online presence.

Their major requirements were:

  1. Phase – 1
    • A fully functional website based on provided designs
    • An easy-to-use dashboard to manage content
    • Faster performances and great page speed
    • Ongoing maintenance and long term support
  2. Phase – 2
    • Pre-order functionality using WooCommerce
  3. Phase – 3
    • ‘My Account’ section for users to manage their account.

The Plan

The team at rtCamp constantly exchanged ideas with Rotimatic’s marketing head Mr. Aman Pratap.Considering the tight schedule and preplanned agenda of the product launch, rtCamp proposed the following solution as part of the the project roadmap:

  1. Use WordPress CMS to easily manage the site.
  2. Build a website with a prominent slider giving a brief overview of Rotimatic®.
  3. Show Product Video in a pop-up window after clicking on the Product Video button.
  4. Integrate a signup form at the top of the page, so that prospects can subscribe in advance and be notified when Rotimatic is launched.
  5. Reveal as many features and advantages as possible on the home page itself, while at the same time maintaining readability.
  6. Configure dedicated server hosting with Nginx as the web server. Nginx is the most preferred web server for the top 10,000 sites in the world.
  7. Utilize CDN for serving static files (images, scripts, videos) to enhance server performance.
  8. Set up the website for pre-launch while Rotimatic is being shipped.

Rotimatic liked the proposed plan and formally awarded their contract to rtCamp on Aug 29, 2013.


The Design

The designs provided by the Rotimatic design team were astounding. They created visually appealing product images which clearly depicted the benefits and ease of use of their ingenious appliance.

Rotimatic’s features and advantages were divided into two tabs. This reduced the page length and also made it more interactive.

The Backend

From a usability point of view it was very crucial to develop a user friendly backend interface for a long home page design.

rtCamp developers provided template options in sync with what appeared on the frontend. This helped Rotimatic editors to easily map the frontend sections with the backend. Consequently, updating content is now a hassle-free task. The Rotimatic team independently updates all its content and landing pages.

Server and Scaling

Since we were dealing with a unique product, we predicted that its site would get a lot of traffic from all over the world upon launch. A dedicated server with Nginx and fastcgi_cache was deployed with CDN configured with edge location across 4 continents.

However, traffic was threefold than what we had predicted. We were expecting maximum 10,000 hits, whereas recieved 30,000 hits upon launch.

This tremendous traffic surge was gauged by the fact that more than 1200 GB CDN bandwidth was consumed within 2 days of the launch.

Social Media played a huge role in this traffic surge. The product demo video on YouTube went viral and received around one million views in a span of just four weeks.

Despite this massive surge in traffic, there were no complaints about site downtime. ran seamlessly across all parts of the world.


A project is never finished, only launched. We are aware that scaling a website and its server is not a one time task.
As the Rotimatic site evolves and new tools and best practices become available, we continue to reassess and improve the hosting configuration.

We also provide support for hosting server updates, WordPress and plugin updates, security and timely backups.

All of the above activities are carried out as per predefined schedules. Therefore, faster recovery is possible in case anything goes wrong.


The end-to-end solution that we delivered met the Rotimatic marketing team’s expectations. Today, rtCamp is engaged in a long-term contract of hosting and maintaining Rotimatic’s website.

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