Progressive Web Applications

A new way to deliver amazing user experiences on WordPress.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Simply put, PWA is a layer over a website looks and works just like a native mobile apps when accessed through a modern internet browser. PWAs are supported by several large technology entities including Google, Microsoft & Mozilla.

How do PWAs compare to native mobile apps?

PWAs can bring features like push notifications, offline access & background sync to your website. They can even enable your website to be “installed” like native app and accessed from the home screen! The best part? You only need to maintain one platform to cater to web, iOS and Android audiences.

What are some practical use cases?

PWAs are great for websites that frequently update their content. The technology behind PWAs enable all kinds of amazing user experiences in any domain including publishing, entertainment, and e-commerce.

How will adding PWA affect a website?

PWAs are implemented as a layer on top of an existing website. The content, structure, and SEO should thus remain unaffected. Every URL will continue to be cacheable, crawlable, and fully accessible.

How can rtCamp help me?

We are currently collaborating with amazing folks at Google and Microsoft to help bridge the gap between WordPress and PWA. We think that we are in a great position to address your concerns about PWA and help you reap its benefits.

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