Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Big brands such as NewsUK and PMC have our WordPress engineers in their team.

What do we do?

Have you wondered what it feels like to have an experienced WordPress developer (or more if you need them) work on your project on demand? You can now hire world-class WordPress developers from us the way you manage Amazon AWS instances!

We have got developers to work independently, fit in or blend with your existing WordPress development teams – whatever you need.

Got a new business idea or exploring a new vertical? We’ve got your back.

Got plenty of work to do but not enough time to hire and train your in-house development team? You can bet on us!

Want our expert developers to work with your existing team? That’s also possible.

We have been in the WordPress ecosystem for so long that we better understand your requirements and pain points. Our elastic WordPress developers are always happy to work on new projects no matter how big or small it is.

“Our partnership with rtCamp was a game-changer decision. Their support helped us to convert The Sun UK team newbie WP developers to WP core contributors who wrote patches for core WordPress.”

Elastic like Amazon Web Services

If you happen to love AWS, then you may like our offering even more. We offer similar flexibility which AWS offers for serves!

On-Demand Developers

  • Recommended for agencies awaiting the go-ahead from the client before a project can kick-off.
  • A business testing a new idea such as a publisher house exploring a new vertical.
  • Developer availability and the deadline is critical once a project starts, till the end.

Reserved Developers

  • Large publishers and agencies who have plenty of work but want to get rid of hiring & training pain.
  • WordPress product companies who want to focus on marketing in their initial years.
  • The developer availability and the deadlines are mission-critical all the time.

“Spot” Developers

  • WordPress product companies who want in-house developers to focus on the next big feature.
  • Publishers trying to clean up technical debt, including non-critical issues, and bug fixes.
  • The developer availability is unpredictable so tight deadlines won’t work.

Our Developers Are…

WordPress Core Contributors

Our developers have consistently contributed to every WordPress core release since 2013.

Available Across Timezones

We manage our teams in such a way that our devs are available in every time zone across, at least 4-hours every day. VIP Ready

Working on VIP coding standard and review process is part of our training and onboarding process.

Fluent Communicators

We place a lot of emphasis on training our teams to work on distributed Agile projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suited for businesses or agencies?

It is suited for both, businesses and agencies. This setup is particularly well suited for any organization that spends a considerable amount of time looking and hiring for WordPress talent.

What about the code quality?

Glad that you asked. A majority of our developers are WordPress core contributors who have worked on all types of projects. Our internal development guidelines are designed to bring the world-class VIP development standards to all our projects. So, quality is the last thing for you to worry about here.

Who manages the development team?

It depends on you.

Have an in-house technology team? Great! Our developers will fit into your existing team like a hand fits in a glove. We are comfortable with all the tools that your team uses – Slack, GitLab, Jira and Google/Microsoft Office suites – so your project managers will simply need to provide direction.

Don’t have a technical team? No problem! We’ll provide you with a project manager alongside the development team. The manager will be your single point of contact so that you can continue doing what you do best.

Can your developers work with our in-house team?

Yes! Our team can work with your in-house team as well as your other vendor’s team (if any).

Our developers have experience working on large projects involving multiple teams from multiple vendors. So, working with your in-house team is easy.

Can your developer move on-site if required?

In short, yes.

Keeping in mind the cost and overheads involved with relocation, we often encourage our clients to try a remote team. A significant portion of our development team is already remote. Our team is fully comfortable with remote communication & project management.

However, we understand that there might be situations where you would prefer relocation to a remote team. No problem! Just let us know if this is the case, and we’ll set it up.

Can I interview the developers before they join our team?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to do that.

Once you get in touch with us and let us know your requirements, we will shortlist developers whose skills best match the requirements. You can then interview them 1-on-1 to get to know them better and if they will be a perfect fit for you.

“rtCamp is exceptionally dependable and is always there when we need them. Their engineers know our processes and have become true extensions of our team.”

Gabriel Koen
Vice President, Technology