Vedic Cosmos

About Vedic Cosmos

Vedic Cosmos is a retail arm of Srinivas Fine Arts, who are established players in the fine arts and printing industry.

Vedic Cosmos specializes in producing beautifully designed spiritual books, such as the Bhagavad Gita. Their exquisitely crafted products tell stories from ancient Vedic scriptures through detailed imagery, original Sanskrit text and beautifully crafted accessories such a reading stands and yoga mats.

Services Delivered

  • Responsive WordPress Theme
  • WooCommerce
  • EBS Payment Gateway Integration
  • CRM Integration

About the Project

Vedic Cosmos approached rtCamp with the aim of increasing their web presence through a dedicated website that could tell the story behind their unique products.

Up until that point, they were using to showcase their products, but felt that a generic Amazon store was not doing justice to the craftsmanship & cultural heritage associated with each of their products.

The brand also wanted a space where they could promote their mission of spiritual transformation and engage with their audience.

Project Implementation

Through regular communication with Vedic Cosmos, rtCamp built a responsive theme whose design, typography and layout reflected Vedic Cosmos’ vision. The theme and its features were designed to provide flexibility while minimising vendor dependency.

rtCamp also integrated Vedic Cosmos’ existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with the new website and migrated all its existing content over.

To handle store duties, rtCamp set up WooCommerce and the EBS payment gateway


When Vedic Cosmos approached rtCamp, they had a big-picture vision of the style, layout and emotion that they wanted to evoke through their website. rtCamp worked with Vedic Cosmos to translate their unique vision to a stable, responsive WooCommerce powered website.

The project, including development and consultancy services, was completed in 6 weeks. rtCamp continues to partner with Vedic Cosmos in their expansion initiatives.

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