AEM v WordPress

The Business Case for Open Source

This is the case for business solutions based on open source tools and how we can help you leverage ALL the web.


of the web is powered by WordPress


plugins and ready-made tools for deployment


of commercial & open-source options

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A custom or proprietary content management system (CMS) sounds like a good idea at the start. However proprietary “stacks” bring commitments the open source web solves with wider variety and ease of access.

We’ve prepared an overview of how WordPress compares to one of the top proprietary CMS today, Adobe Experience Manager. WordPress delivers business solutions for teams and readers alike. The process begins with the creation of content, which can be done using the WordPress editor. This editor supports various content types, including text, images, and multimedia, and offers features like auto-save and revision history.

WordPress supports user roles and permissions, allowing you to control who can edit and publish content. For example, an author can write a post, an editor can review and make changes, and an administrator can approve and publish it.

After the content is approved, it can be published immediately or scheduled for a future date. WordPress also supports automatic publishing to social media platforms, helping to streamline the promotion process.

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