Celebrating 20 years of WordPress with a Contributors’ Week

A celebratory image featuring commemorative logo for 20th WordPress Anniversary

To mark 20 years of WordPress, we held a contributors’ week in which rtCampers contributed to WordPress and celebrated its legacy. 

Over the past week, rtCampers rolled up their sleeves to solve multiple WordPress core tickets – geared towards optimizing performance, enhancing usability, and strengthening security for users. It was a unique opportunity for us to come together and contribute our skills and creativity to give back to the WordPress community. 

Now that the week has concluded, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on our contributions, the challenges we encountered, and the solutions we provided.

Core Contributions

We’re proud to report that over 30 rtCampers participated and successfully contributed to 15 tickets for WP Core and 9 tickets for WP-CLI, with 6 tickets merged so far. We are also happy to share that our QA team tested 20 tickets and submitted 4 test cases for the Core.

Expanding Translations

Being a multilingual team, a natural focus of the contributions was towards translations. rtCamp polyglots provided translations for the WordPress core, themes, and plugins in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali, Urdu and Bangla. In total, 467 translations were provided, expanding the reach of WordPress to more users around the globe.

Additionally, our in-house General Translation Editors for Hindi and Gujarati approved over 500 translations!

Extending Support

Under the mentorship of rtMedia support specialists, rtCampers actively participated in WordPress Support Forums, assisting users with their queries, troubleshooting issues, and providing guidance to those new to the platform. We successfully answered over 50 questions. 

We are gratified to see our responses aiding users to effectively navigate and utilize WordPress.

Adding Colors to WordPress through Photos

Few images contributed to by rtCampers Parth, Rohit and Edi.

In addition to technical contributions, we added another dimension to the contributors’ week through photography to enhance the WordPress ecosystem. Our photography enthusiasts contributed a selection of 40+ original photos for inclusion in openverse – the WordPress’ library of royalty free stock photos.

The photographs capture diverse scenes from our team’s local environment and workspaces, helping to paint a vibrant picture of our community while serving as versatile assets for other WordPress users.

Mentoring fresh minds for Core contribution

Through our campus efforts, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a new generation of WordPress professionals. Now, we are thrilled to see them give back to the WordPress project.

Over 15 trainee engineers contributed to 10 tickets and submitted 7 PRs to Core and CLI for the very first time. Apart from technical contributions, trainees also contributed over 400 translations for the translation project and 13 photographs for the openverse library.

With this, we move closer to fully aligning our training efforts with the open-source ethos of community and contribution.

The Road Ahead

16 years ago, even before rtCamp was formalized, we discovered the WordPress revolution. As WordPress turns 20, and we look back at walking together for more than 3/4th of the journey, our belief in the power of open-source collaboration and the remarkable potential of the WordPress community is stronger than ever.

We thank all the organizers and participants of the contributors’ week for their dedication and hard work.

Links: Five for the Future | rtCamp’s Campus drive | Make WordPress


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