Charging for change requests

If you’ve been obtaining software consulting work for a while, you probably have been through that dilemma: A project is signed off but you realize soon after, that changes must be added.

All seems well, until your developers explain you might need to wire across some additional amount.

How do you decide if paying up is legit?

Documentation first

Before heading into development, we make sure we’ve understood all of the client’s requirements perfectly in line with their thoughts.

We use collaborative documentation to record our clients’ requirements, terms and scope of work. The charge for future change requests is also decided at this point. This information is used to come up with a formal contract.

rtCamp is a strong supporter of the Agile approach of software development. Hence, lengthier projects are split into several phases, each of which begin with a clearly defined set of requirements.

Charging for new features

When a change request is sent in, we refer back to the contract to confirm if it falls outside the agreed scope of work. If so, such change requests are chargeable.

But if there’s a bug because of something we might have missed out, we’ll correct it for no extra charge ever.

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