Different Time Zone? No Problem!

The world, a decade ago, was completely unaware about the revolution internet would bring in. With more and more advancement in communication technology, the world economy is moving swiftly to become a global economy, what we may also refer to as a global village. We continuously strive to be one step ahead of our competitors to provide optimal solutions for our clients. This includes innovations, quickly adapting to new technologies and reduce the communication gap.

Timely SupportMultiple Time Zone Teams

Most of our clients are based in different time-zones. They always have a doubt regarding the work- time, response time and other communication related queries. From the clients perspective, the most reasonable question would be, ’Will the contractor respond promptly if he is from a different time zone?’, followed by other support related queries.

We believe, Timely Support is what a client primarily expects. Suppose something goes wrong, you communicate with your contractor about it and he doesn’t respond for quite a long time. You get desperate and worried. This is when you wish you had chosen a very reliable contractor in the same time-zone.

How to connect with us!

If you choose us, you need not worry at all. Just send us a mail or maybe ping us on Skype (Instant Messaging! Much more better). We will acknowledge your issue and revert back to with a solution within 24hrs. It feels good when you know you have a problem and someone is dedicatedly working on it. Doesn’t it?

How we manage it!

We have two working teams. The white knights and the dark knights. The former, caters to the east zone clients, while the latter, cater to the west zone clients. These two teams work Day-N-Night to provide round the clock support. What we really are trying to imply here is that we will always be there for you.

Depending on your location, we will assign a Project Manager. He will be the single point of contact for all your queries. He will be responsible for all your future requirements too. This will ensure the following:

  • Overlapping business hours.
  • Prompt response and effective solution for all your problems.
  • Post-completion ‘Lifetime Free Bug Support‘ on priority basis.

This means that you will always be working in coordination with one representative from our firm, who will be aware with the complete scenario. This will ensure hassle free communication and will reduce the communication gap to bare minimum. It is as good as hiring a local contractor. What do you think? I would like if you could share your experience!


  1. Praful Avatar

    Great piece of information, Akshat.

  2. Akshat Oswal Avatar
  3. mmshaban Avatar

    Hello, Thanks for the article.

    In our company we have a similar problem, where we have our customer in Europe, while we are in the US. They are 7 hours ahead of us. We have a very quick response time for major bugs, (ex. 1 hour to respond and 1 day to solve).

    We cannot change the agreement, and we can’t hire any extra people for the job, Any ideas?

    1. Rahul Bansal Avatar

      I think its better not to enter into agreements like this unless you can afford to hire 24×7 staff.

      We promise life-time free bug-fix support, but not at deadline of 1 hour. Though we try to keep response time as less as possible, on weekends and holidays it cannot be guaranteed.

      For critical issues, our client has phone number of concerned manager which forwards issue to relevant team member. But we give this support without any SLA’s.

      What I always suggets is to promise less, deliver more! In fact, for this reason we never promoted our managed-hosting service as we cannot provide 24×7 support.

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