For a long time, we were planning to open up remote hiring.

We even have Aditya Kane, our chief editor, working remotely from almost 5 years. We also have few others working remotely in our blog network.

What is changing now is rtCamp is opening more positions for remote hiring!

Why Remote Hiring?

rtCamp is now a 5 year old company. We have learned a lot from our experiences and now feel confident that we have better processes and management to actually manage a remote workforce across the globe.

As we expand our product lineup, we are focused on building a dedicated team for products. Product development is flexible in terms of deadlines and contractual restrictions we get from our clients. Of course, remote hiring is not going on for products only. It’s just that our product line up has created demands for a bigger team. Bigger than 50 which our current 2 offices can accommodate.

Also, as we keep raising our hiring bar, we are facing talent crunch in and around Pune.

While we always want to hire the best, insisting on all employees working from a physical office means you always end up hiring the best from locations around your office only. Remote hiring breaks downs such barriers to an extent and helps us tide over the talent crunch.

Our work culture is open and we do not believe in hierarchical limitations to employees. This means a remote workforce is not a major cultural shift for us either. But it will be surely a convenience for many people.

Do check out more about rtCamp’s work culture and some FAQ. If FAQ fails to answer your questions, you can use the comment form below or email to

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  1. Its good to know that rtcamp is encouraging for remote working.
    As I have almost 1 year equivalent experience in Software,Web application testing – I think rtcamp is an ideal fit for my job aspirations.Currently I am located in Texas,United States so it will be great if you can consider my application.
    Thank you 🙂

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