rtCamp completed 14 years of good work this March 12. We couldn’t be more grateful for all rtCampers, clients and well-wishers for being a part of our journey.

Our CEO, Rahul Bansal reflects how the last year was sort of a pit stop for refueling between the pandemic and the emerging situation as the world economy faces a recession. We are exploring new technologies that have a potential to create more value for the WordPress ecosystem and are keen to forge new partnerships to innovate and create incredible things.

WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” is out now with new features to the site editor, bug fixes, enhancements, and more. This release puts rtCamp’s core contributions streak at 27.

WordPress News Snippets

  • WordPress embarks on the 3rd phase of Gutenberg development. With Site Editor out of beta, focus now shifts to bringing full-fledged collaboration features.
  • Automattic acquires the ActivityPub plugin, which will enable WordPress-based websites to be integrated with Fediverse. The ActivityPub protocol allows content sharing among decentralized social networks like Mastodon.
  • WordPress’ Plugin Team reminds that all code submitted to its repositories must be GPL compatible. With the increasing use of AI coding assistants and ChatGPT experimentation, developers must ensure that software licensing requirements are enforced.
  • WP Engine makes available its Pattern Manager developer plugin, currently in beta version. It is meant for creating and managing pattern designs with a seamless user interface.
  • Block Visibility merges the pro version features with its free plugin at version 3.0. It now includes browser and device control along with location control. 
  • WooCommerce 7.5.0 was released with three new blocks for Product Archive templates. It also comes with expanded support for Global Styles that enables block customization with the Site Editor.
  • WordPress is running Wapuu Coloring Giveaway for its upcoming 20th anniversary, and creations need to be submitted by 17th April 2023. The Mercantile (WordPress’ official swag store), also relaunches with a swag collection for the occasion.

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