What’s up people 👋

Hope this was a good month for you! Here are some updates about rtCamp and all that happened in the month of September

rtMedia ⏯️

We have released a minor version of rtMedia Sorting v1.1.8. This release fixed sorting for both, document media type and rtMedia albums. It also fixed another issue where duplicate media items were getting displayed.

EasyEngine ⚙️

We have released v4’s Beta 6 – our final beta!  🚀

Apart from a great deal of refactoring around site-command, this beta release included admin-tools, mailhog, auth, and service commands.

We made our rollout plan for the EasyEngine public with a beta-6 release.
Unfortunately, we came across more bugs than anticipated during rollout, so we are behind the schedule for RC release.

We are still hopeful to deliver the Easy Engine RC in October and need your support to test it and report as many issues as possible before we move further.  🧪 🚀

Google for India Event 🗓️

Vivek, Rahul, and Pradeep attended the fourth edition of Google for India 2018. The event happened at the end of August so we couldn’t cover it in the last roundup.

The event was mainly to demonstrate what Google is doing for India and how those choices are helping build a better web for the rest of the world. For more info, you can read the Google blog post.

For us, the highlight of the event was Project Navalekha. Navekha’s goal is to bring digital publishing to 1,35,000 publishers in India who do not have a website yet.

Navalekha enables a publisher to upload their PDF meant for printing and have it converted to web pages using machine learning.

We hope that someday Google will provide API access to this Navalekha’s amazing feature and we can connect its machine learning power to WordPress!

Client Launch 🚀

We helped Mac Daily News to migrate from WordPress.com VIP (Classic) to VIP Go.

VIP Go is a newer “version” of VIP platform with amazing tooling and much fewer restrictions. If you are a WordPress.com VIP client and look forward to switching to VIP Go, we would love to work with you. Get in touch with rtCamp to move things forward.

See Ya 👋

That’s all for the month of September, will see you next month with more exciting updates ✨

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