Optimizing TCO and Fueling Growth for Our Partners With Staff Augmentation

Hire Dedicated developers

Despite the economic uncertainty, our Staff Augmentation service has proven successful for our enterprise partners by providing access to a pool of talented, fresh engineering resources. This allows our partners to maintain control over their web stack’s total cost of ownership (TCO) without sacrificing quality.

Here, we outline how we find Good People and train them to do Good Work to scale our partner teams, and rtCamp.

Handpicking Talent

We end up hiring only 9 candidates out of every 10,000 who apply. 

It all starts with our machine overlord Chitragupta. It helps us shortlist thousands of applications by scanning historical contributions to open-source projects on their GitHub and Stack Overflow profiles. It helps us find candidates who are not just appearing for a job, but have a natural inclination and aptitude for quality engineering. 

Those who pass through, appear for our interview. We screen candidates for a good first principles understanding of Computer Science. Not just that, our interview process also seeks to identify folks who demonstrate open-mindedness, and a passion for learning.

Although a significant investment on our part, it helps us bring the best and brightest to the open-source WordPress ecosystem. As our CEO explained a few years ago, our campus hiring program, has become key to our scaling strategy.

Comprehensive WordPress Training With Open Source Ethos

Next comes a 3-month-long, comprehensive, fully paid training program.

The training starts with web fundamentals and covers coding best practices, plugin development, theme development, Gutenberg, REST API, WP-CLI, testing, and debugging, right up to advanced concepts relevant to enterprise WordPress development. 

To make sure the knowledge is applied, trainee engineers submit practical assignments at various milestones, followed by code reviews from senior-most rtCampers, being subject-matter experts (SMEs) in specific areas. 

Our learning & development team makes sure the assessment goes beyond technical capabilities and covers crucial aspects like teamwork, communication, work ethic, and collaboration.

To make sure our trainees become good citizens of the open-source community, trainees also receive a module on contributing to the WordPress project. This equips them to not only contribute to the community but also deepen their knowledge of platform architecture and the ecosystem.

Our training is a living, breathing program that goes through frequent iterations with changing technical scenarios and the evolving needs of our partners.

Preparing Fresh Engineering Hires for Staff Augmentation Services

Once the formal training concludes, our trainees shadow senior engineers to build familiarity with project-specific technical stack and a simulated development environment. 

For better alignment with project requirements, the trainee engineers are shortlisted internally based on feedback from Senior Engineers. Shortlisted trainees are interviewed by our partners and become a part of their extended team.

Delivering Quality With Optimized TCO for Our Partners

Our extensive efforts in hiring, training, and shortlisting ensures that our partners succeed in their business goals in the following ways:

  1. Reduce onboarding time with trained engineers – allowing them to seamlessly integrate into our partners’ teams and hit the ground running.
  2. Gradually transitioning from senior to junior engineers – finding quality with fresh graduates, effectively reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their web stack.
  3. Eliminating skill shortages within our partners’ teams – empowering them to handle a wider range of projects, and scale without worries.

Proven Success in Augmenting Enterprise Teams

Over the past three years, we have successfully placed over 30+ fresh engineers on partner teams, consistently receiving positive feedback. 

Whether you’re seeking to hire dedicated WordPress developers to augment your existing team or embark on a new digital initiative, we’d be happy to help with our staffing and upscaling services. Let’s talk!


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