We are glad to announce the release of our add-on WooCommerce GitLab, a simple tool that connects WooCommerce to GitLab.

GitLab is an open-source alternative to GitHub, and can be used to host your own projects.

If you love selling software through WooCommerce, this add-on will automatically add customers to your projects and help you control their default access levels.

GitLab tab in WooCommerce settings

After installing WooCommerce GitLab add-on, a new tab named GitLan is added under WooCommerce > Settings.

Enter the appropriate values/settings:

  1. GitLab Endpoint, which is your GitLab url suffixed with /api/[GitLab API version]. E.g.: http://git.example.com/api/v3. The GitLab API version can be found in lib/api/ap.rb
  2. GitLab Private Token, which you’ll find in Profile Settings > Account in GitLab.
  3. Enter the GitLab Forgot Password Link, which can be found by clicking Forgot your password? on GitLab’s login page.
  4. Set the default access level for your customers.
  5. Set the email to be notified whenever someone gains access to the code repository.
  6. Click the Test Connection button to verify the GitLab Endpoint and Private Token.

A GitLab Project widget is added under Products > Add Product to link a GitLab project with the product. The default value is obtained from the GitLab Private Token that is added in WooCommerce > Settings > GitLab.

The benefits

  • Track your premium customers on GitLab with ease.
  • Get customers to actively participate in improving your products.

Pricing, support and upgrades

WooCommerce GitLab is available at rtCamp’s store for $29.

This plugin can be used for only one site. Free support will be provided through our support forum for 1 year. Please note that support will be given only for 1 site.

Upgrades can be made free of cost for 1 year. Availability of upgrades will be notified in Dashboard > Updates in your WordPress dashboard.

Links: Purchase WooCommerce GitLab | Go to support forum