M-Commerce With Responsive Web Design

On an average 4 Ferraris are sold on a mobile phone every month.

So what? I don’t sell Ferraris, why should I opt for a mobile optimized responsive site. If at all my business grows tomorrow, I will build an! 
This would be conventional strategy for people who do not value mobile internet users. Forward thinking Entrepreneurs value the mobile users who browse their websites on the go!

What is Responsive Web Design?

Web design, which is optimized to load effectively on standard mobile browsers and handheld devices, allows user to perform most (if not all) of the functions. It gives mobile user the comfort of navigating, posting, buying (E-commerce), viewing, tagging and uploading content at ease. Most importantly the website has images and graphics optimized to load fast on sluggish mobile network.

Why do you need Responsive Website?

Simply because, for more than 40% of worlds population mobile internet is primary way of accessing the web.

  • eBay sells something via a mobile phone every two seconds.
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales last year.
  • Mothers day 2012 – 50% of all online sales came from mobile devices.
  • eBay forecasts $8 billion in mobile sales this year (one sale per second)

So how do we make a Responsive Website?

3 Simple but efforts intensive steps.


  1. Create custom designs: Each page has multiple designs suiting screen resolution of each device in landscape and portrait mode i.e. home page will have 5 layout variants.
  2. These designs are developed from scratch into CSS3 and HTML5 templates on WordPress (taking care of loading time, button dimension & more).
  3. Build a theme with breakpoints, which allows the website with same URL to load smartly on different handheld devices.

If things still look complicated, take a demo of rtPanel on your web browser. Try reducing the screen size and see how the layout adapts to every change in screen dimension!

With featherweight tablets ranging from 7″ that fits easily into your palm to some HQ exciting 10″ devices. Tablets offer something for everyone. In-fact, many in Silicon Valley predict that the tablets will soon replace laptops.

By probability, there are 2/5 chances that you are reading this post on your handheld device! But practically are you?


  1. Mary Taylor Avatar
    Mary Taylor

    Thank you for sharing this article on responsive web design. I am not really familiar with the ins and outs of responsive web design but thanks to your article, I am now enlightened.

  2. Aditya Desai Avatar
    Aditya Desai

    Thanks Mark 🙂 Glad to know that it helped!

  3. Joven Agno Avatar

    Now I know where to start in creating a responsive web design. Time for me to keep busy in creating one, thank you for sharing your knowledge about this.

  4. Aditya Desai Avatar
    Aditya Desai

    Thanks Joven,
    Glad to know the post helped 🙂

    Also, our open source theme framework rtPanel ( is optimized for creating responsive themes. It will help you kickstart your work! Do give it a try.

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