A few months ago, we brain stormed how best can be serve our product users and our clients. The solution was simple yet complicated. What we settled on was to create separate websites for some of our projects.

We think it will make things easy for users and for us. A few days ago, we migrated rtBiz related content and store to rtBiz.io. The new domain will have content, updates and details exclusive to our rtBiz project.

You can purchase rtBiz Helpdesk – a really nice cool ticketing support plugin that integrates well with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. The plugin is available for $39.00 (US).

What changes for our customers?

Our store for selling rtBiz Helpdesk has moved from rtCamp.com to rtBiz.io. Your license will remain active as is and we have moved all our customers to the new website.

As a customer if you have questions, do let us know by raising a support ticket.

Link: rtBiz.io