Yesterday, rtCamp turned 11. 🥳

Due to COVID-19, we ended up celebrating 100% remotely. This gave me mixed feelings.

On one hand, there was none of the usual singing, dancing, food and good-natured banter that goes with our celebrations. On the other, it’s almost a milestone in itself that we have grown past our traditional “office” roots to this place where we can all jump on a company-wide video conference at a moment’s notice, and lose none of the joy, positivity or celebration.

Combined screenshot of rtCamp celebrating their 11th anniversary over a 100% remote Zoom call.
Not pictured – a highly competitive game of Kahoot!

rtCamp has been a bootstrapped and debt-free business from the start. Questions were raised over our slow-burn expansion strategy, but to me, it’s clear – sustainability and freedom are the way forward. Our comfortable transition in times of gloomy uncertainty like these only reinforces that belief. 💪

That’s not to say we never take risks though. As proud as we are of our processes and engineering excellence, we recognize that we are here today because we had the courage to back ourselves, never afraid to experiment, never afraid of making mistakes.

And that’s the direction we want to keep heading in.

We want to drop a digit from “11” and pursue our goals with the passion of a 1-year-old well-funded startup, with no baggage of past glories. We want to continue doing great things with all the amazing organizations that we have partnered with over the last decade — from exciting young startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

On behalf of rtCamp I would like to thank you for your love and support. Expect a lot more Good Work in the year to come ✨


  1. Congratulations Rahul. Over the years, seeing you build this company from nothing to one of the best out there, from many ups and downs, this is truly a remarkable milestone.

    Here’s wishing you 100 more years of success. Keep going.

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