Nagpur is one of the fastest growing cities in Maharashtra. Second only to Mumbai and Pune in terms of population, the city is our state’s winter capital and home to several orange orchards. Being one of the most popular exports of the city, the organizers of WCNagpur incorporated it into their official logo.

We were looking forward to travelling to the hometown of one of our co-founders (points if you know who ?).

Day 1

The day began with all of us arriving at the beautiful venue and starting the registration process. Two members of our team, Radhe & Chandra, were scheduled to conduct a workshop on EasyEngine.

The workshop attracted a lot of attendees- so much so that it needed to have a re-run in order to accommodate everyone. The session covered the basics of how you can set up and manage a fully functional WordPress install with a single EE command (complete with PHP 7 and Let’s Encrypt).

Find out more about EasyEngine and its magical commands from this tutorial- You can always ask the helpful EE community if you have any questions ?

Day 2

We arrived at the venue nice and early and settled down at our sponsors desk. It was great to meet and interact with so many WordPressers, both new and familiar.

The venue was perfectly laid out for an event like a WordCamp. All the session halls, networking areas and refreshments were on the same floor, with lunch, swag distribution and registration happening on a different floor. This ensured that everyone at the event was in the same general vicinity at any given time.

rtCamper Rahul Bansal spoke about managing WordPress sites as Composer projects, something that we have been doing for several of our projects. His session slides are attached below. We will be attaching a link to his talk as soon as it is up on, so check back in a few days! 🙂

Join the Fun

All in all, the trip to Nagpur was a great experience. We even managed to have some epic Saoji chicken at a local restaurant.

Want to part of adventures like these ? We’re hiring 😉

Links: WordCamp Nagpur 2017 | Join the rtFamily